Tianchi Heavenly Lake of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang

Heavenly Lake of Tianshan Mountain

Heavenly Lake of Tianshan Mountain or Tianshan Tianchi National Geopark (新疆天山天池国家地质公园) is an alpine lake in Xinjiang, Northwest China. This Tianchi lies on the north side of the Bogda Shan range of the Tian Shan, about 30 kilometres south of Fukang and 45 kilometres east (straight-line distance) of Ürümqi. The lake is 1,907 metres above sea level, covering 4.9 square kilometres, 105 metres deep at the deepest point. It is an alpine drift lake shaped in the Quaternary Glacier period.

Main Attractions of Heavenly Lake of Tianshan Mountain

Heavenly Lake of Tianshan Mountain is about 3 kilometers long and averages about 600 or 700 meters wide. The lake surface is shaped like a half-moon and at its deepest point the water is about 100 meters deep. The clean blue lake is quietly tucked away among the mountains. It is surrounded by many rugged and forested valleys leading down from nearby peaks, which reach about 2,400 meters in altitude. The greenish-blue water here is radiant like jade, just like a pearl in Tianshan Mountain. The lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, where are full of straight and thick growing firs and spruces.

How to get to Heavenly Lake of Tianshan Mountain

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Independent Traveler

Take a bus from Urumqi Beijiao Bus Station to Fukang; and then transfer to another tourist bus from Fukang Bus Station to the Heavenly Lake.

Useful Travel Tips


In Kazakhs yurts you can not only have a delicious hand pilaf, but also listen to dombra performance by Kazak young man. The price for one yurt is about ¥250, and it has various sizes, and one yurt can accommodate several people. While in the restaurants near the lake, tourists can also tastes delicious Xinjiang cuisines, like roasted mutton, self-made yogurt, lamian, hand pilaf, etc.


There are various hostels, hotels and vacation resorts around Tainchi Lake. The price is a little higher than accommodation price in Urumqi; however, you can enjoy good service with great views.

Best Time to Visit

The most beautiful time is from May to August. The prairie during this time is stunning, you can see golden flower all around, and the lake is peaceful and pure, reflecting the shape of snow-craped mountains, with herds of cows and sheep scattering on the prairie eating grass.

If you are a skiing lover, then winter is also a great time to visit Tianchi Lake. Tourists can experience skiing and snowmobiling in winter. From the mid-November to the next March, there is Ice and Snow Festival held and great time to play snow.

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