Wanzhou Grand Waterfall in Chongqing

Why is Wanzhou Grand Waterfall so Special?

Standing on the Kong Qiao not far from the Great Falls, you can enjoy the waterfall, feel its high and majestic momentum, and if you are lucky, you can also see rainbows. In the vast Qinglong cave, the natural mixture of Qinglong cave “natural painting wall”, amazing, feeling the nature of the uncanny workmanship. The scenic spot boasts outstanding people and beautiful mountains and rivers. He Qifang, a famous modern poet both at home and abroad, was born after bringing up Gan Ning, the general of Dongwu in the Three Kingdoms.

Geographical environment

The Wanzhou Great Falls scenic spot is famous for its scenery and “Asia’s First Waterfall”-Wanzhou Great Falls, which is famous both at home and abroad, has attracted worldwide attention for its earth-shattering, ghostly majestic momentum, strange scenery like stars and moons, and popular folklore.
The scenic area of Wanzhou Great Falls has outstanding people and beautiful mountains and rivers. It nurtured Gan Ning, the general of Dongwu in the Three Kingdoms, and also gave birth to He Qifang, a famous modern poet, essayist and literary theorist who is famous both at home and abroad.

Main attraction

Bashan Yushui contains too many surprises and magnificence. The Wanzhou Waterfall, Asia’s First Waterfall, has six major tourism features: the mountain road is indispensable, and the ancient road winds between the cliffs like Youlong. Guanyin Jade Dew must be bathed. In sunny days, you can enjoy the rainbow between waterfalls. In the rain, you can bathe in waterfall mist and lingering silk rain. The waterfall fairy had to be lifted up and crossed the water curtain cave under the giant waterfall. The secret work of the Gans cannot be denied. A wonderful performance with Badong cultural characteristics. The ancient cave of Guanyin must be visited. 33 Guanyin statues sit quietly here. Wonderland ancient music cannot be ignored. More than a dozen folk artists played the sounds of nature.

Water Curtain Cave

The water curtain cave Cave is 1600 square meters wide and tens of meters deep. Inside the cave are waterfalls and vast water curtains.

Qinglong cave

The Qinglong Cave covers an area of more than 7,000 square meters and several layers overlap, just like the imperial palace. There are holes in the cave. Winter is warm and summer is cool. It is the place where the scenery of Qinglong Waterfall is most concentrated.

Qinglong river

Qinglong river originates from Tiancheng Iron Peak Mountain in Wanzhou and has a total length of 44 kilometers. It empties into the Yangtze River at the crossing of the River Ba. There are four waterfalls on the river, the upper reaches of which are Gaodongtan Waterfall, the lower reaches of which are Fairy Beach Waterfall and Whale Mouth Waterfall.

Related activities

Chongqing’s First Waterfall Art Festival

From April 28, 2013, Wanzhou Great Falls Tourism Zone will host the 2013 First Waterfall Art Festival, which will be performed by Chongqing Three Gorges Acrobatic Art Troupe. At that time, tourists can not only appreciate the majestic momentum of “Asia’s First Waterfall”, but also enjoy the wonderful performances of the world famous acrobatic troupe.

Travel information

  • Admission ticket
    98 yuan; 1.2m-1.4m Children’s 49 yuan; The elderly with the elderly preferential card 49 yuan
  • Open time

How to get there

  • Self – driving
    After the Xiayu-Yi Expressway, you can take buses from Wuling, Zhongxian, Longsha, Xiangshui, Guo Village, Ganning and other lines to Xiawanzhong Road (with scenic spots signposts) at Ganning Silk Factory. You can reach the scenic spot by car for two minutes.
  • Bus
    You can take an interval bus (Wuling, Zhongxian, Longsha Xiangshui, Shiqiao, Guo Village, Gan Ning) to the scenic spot (the bus passes through the scenic spot) at Xishan Station in Wanzhou District.
    Admission ticket

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