Wanxian Mountain in Huixian City, Xinxiang

Wanxian Mountain

Wanxian mountain in Xinxiang is located in shayao Township, the hinterland of Taihang Mountain in the northwest of Huixian City, with a total area of 64 square kilometers, the highest altitude of 1672 meters, and 70 kilometers from Xinxiang City. It is a national 4A scenic spot, National Geopark and National Forest Park. It is a famous leisure and tourism resort, summer resort, film and television base, sketch base and expansion training base in China.

Why is Wanxian Mountain so special?

The scenic spot is composed of three sub scenic spots: Guoliang, Nanping, Qingyou mountain town and Luojie village. The forest coverage rate is over 95%, the air is fresh and the environment is beautiful. The average temperature in summer is about 5 degrees lower than that outside the mountain. It is an ideal summer resort and paradise.

Main Attractions of Wanxian Mountain

Wanxian mountain scenic area is a typical representative of the scenery of South Taihang. There are not only majestic and boundless red cliffs and cliffs, but also beautiful and elegant scenery of mountains and towns. It integrates the strong, dangerous, strange, beautiful and secluded. There are more than 200 scenic spots, mainly including Hongyan Cliff Grand Canyon, film and television village, Juebi corridor, Tianchi, lotus basin, Bailong cave, etc. With a length of more than 1200 meters, the precipice corridor is completely cut by man, and is known as the “eighth wonder of the world”.

The beautiful natural scenery and simple customs attract many famous artists, film and television giants, Chinese and foreign tourists, and art students. More than 40 films and TV plays have been filmed here. More than 100 art schools such as the Central Academy of fine arts, Guangzhou Academy of fine arts and more than 30 photographers’ associations have designated Wanxian mountain as a sketch base.

How to Get to Wanxian Mountain?

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Independent Travel

  • After arriving in Xinxiang, you can rent a car to wanxianshan at the railway station or long-distance passenger station. The price is generally 90-130 yuan, and the time is 1.5-2 hours.
  • Take a bus to Huixian (4 yuan / person) at the long-distance passenger station, and then rent a car to wanxianshan (about 70 yuan / car). The total time is 2-3 hours.

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