1 Day Foshan Kungfu Day Tour with Bruce Lee’s Hometown Discovery

Foshan, a thousand-year old town, is the hometown of Bruce Lee, the famous movie star known for his Chinese martial arts abilities. Foshan is also the birthplace of Yu Opera, China’s famous lion dance, and a great place to sample Cantonese cuisine

Rise early to meet up with your guide and driver at the lobby of your hotel and then head to Foshan City by coach, which will take approximately an hour. In the morning, you will visit Foshan Ancestral Temple, the first temple in Foshan with the longest history. It was built in the second half of the 11th century and was restored in 1372 following a fire. The temple itself is dedicated to the God of the North, Ruler of the Waters.

For a long time after the founding of the temple, the building functioned as the venue for the gentry to discuss local affairs. Today, Foshan Ancestral Temple is under provincial protection and under the care and guidance of Foshan City Museum. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy a Kungfu show and a lion dance.

Please kindly refer to my Tour Time Itinerary as below:
9:00AM: Pick-up at hotel and head for Foshan Ancestral Temple by subway. This temple houses the exhibitions of martial arts masters Yip Man and Wong Feihung. You can learn about the history, culture and legends of the two masters. Often, there are amazing lion dance performances in the temple.

11:00AM: At 11:00AM we will be heading for Bruce Lee Paradise (Bruce Lee’s ancestral house). It is really far away from downtown Foshan. Other than Yip Man and Wong Feihung at the Ancestral Temple, if you would like to completely experience the martial arts in Foshan, Bruce Lee Paradise is worth visiting. It is about 45km from the Ancestral Temple to Bruce Lee Paradise, so a taxi is a must (about USD 25 one way). In the Paradise, we will get to see the largest Bruce Lee statue in the world, many photos, readings and props of Bruce Lee and the beautiful scenery around the Paradise.