Tianlong Tunbu Village in Anshun

Why is Tianlong Tunbu Village so Special?

A 20-minute drive from Anshun will take you to Tun Bu Village. This is a very old and unique Han nationality colony, located in southwest China. The women here were dressed in Ming Dynasty costumes, and houses of typical Ming Dynasty architectural style were frozen in time.

Where is Tianlong Tunbu Village

Tianlong Tunpu Ancient Town is located in Pingba District, Anshun City, western Guizhou Province. Deep in the karst landform mountains, there are Tiantai Mountain and Longyan Mountain, 72 kilometers away from Guiyang City.

History of Tianlong Tunbu Village

Entering Tianlong Tunpu is like entering the alley of dreams. The war 600 years ago has gone away with the years.

Zhu Yuanzhang established the Ming Dynasty in 1368 after years of war. The wars over the years have brought great sufferings to the people. People of all ethnic groups hope to have a stable living environment, resume production and develop economy. Zhu Yuanzhang complied with the current situation, revised politics internally, strengthened the construction of the country, and gradually created stable production and living conditions for the people in the Central Plains. Facing the Yuan Dynasty’s vassal king Liang in the southwest who stabbed Warmi and Tusi, Zhu Yuanzhang adopted the strategy of sending emissaries to persuade him to surrender. At first, all the forces in the southwest were forced by the Ming army to join the Ming Dynasty.

The large-scale settlement of wasteland in the southwest of the Ming Dynasty completely changed this “wild land”. From the beginning of the reign of Hongwu to the middle of the Ming Dynasty, millions of Han immigrants entered the southwest through various forms, forming a huge Han immigrant group and changing the situation of “more barbarians than Han”. In the middle and late Ming Dynasty, the wars and heavy taxes in the mountains became more and more serious. Only then did the wasteland system gradually enter a recession.

Main Attractions of Tianlong Tunbu Village

The Tun Bu Village population is over 5000, or 1250 families. They have largely kept to themselves. They developed sophisticated stone masonry skills. You will find this all over the place: a unique stone culture. There is a 100-meter long business street — the only market square where the trades congregate, and the practice continues to this day.

Local people are warm and friendly to tourists. You can check the dress carefully. These clothes are usually long-sleeved robes. The cuffs are embroidered with lace. Some people wear handkerchiefs on their heads, while others decorate themselves with silver hairpins. Villagers live in peace with nature and are devout admirers of supernatural forces. Temples of various faiths: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. There is a temple complex on the top of Tiantai mountain. Spectacular Buddhist relics can be seen everywhere.

The villagers entertain their guests by singing folk songs in the evening. Tourists are invited to visit villages where they can taste tea and local food.

Six hundred years ago, the Ming court sent a garrison to Anshun. The garrison turned the neighborhood into farmland, planted crops and built villages for their own needs. Tianlong village is the best among the well-preserved villages, where people’s lifestyle has hardly changed.

Best Time to Travel Tianlong Tunbu Village

The best time to pay a visit is July and August  in summer..

Guizhou is located on the edge of the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, surrounded by mountains. Miao village has been an amphibious transportation center since ancient times. This is rich in tourism resources. Guizhou has a subtropical humid climate with an annual average temperature of 16.4 degrees and four distinct seasons. Therefore, it is an ideal tourist destination is in July and August.

How to Get There

From Guiyang Gymnasium Passenger Station to Anshun South Station by bus, the whole journey is high speed, 35 yuan. Buy tickets for Tianlong, 5.5 yuan.

That is the bus to Pingba. Take about 40 minutes to get under Tianlong junction (there is a gas station at the junction).

After getting off the bus, turn right and walk for about ten minutes on the mountain road. when you reach the fork of the road, you can see the directions to Tianlong Tunpu and Tiantai mountain. according to the directions, go right for about ten minutes and you can see the directions of the scenic spot.

Turn left for two minutes and you will reach the entrance of the scenic spot.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Fee: CNY 35
CNY 70 for the Tunbu Village and Tiantai Mountain
Tranportation: Take regular bus from Anshun South Passenger Transport Bus Station to Pingba, which stops at Tianlong. It departs every 20 minutes from 07:30 to 18:30.

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