Tianjinghu Park in Tongling City, Anhui

Tianjinghu Park

Tianjing Lake Park is located in the northwest of Tongling City, more than 1 km away from the Yangtze River in the West. The park is surrounded by a large area of lake. Two winding long dikes divide the lake into East Lake, South Lake and North Lake, which are arranged in the shape of “taste”. West Lake is missing, which is nicknamed Hangzhou by local people.

Introduction of Tianjinghu Park

There is a spring that rises above the lake’s surface all year round. The name of the park comes from this spring. Located in the southwest corner of the park, South Lake contains Zhongzhou Island in its middle. On the island sits Tongtian Pavilion and Tianjing Spring is located within. Locals often come here for walks and exercise, and the recreational facilities in the park make it a fun place to visit with children.

In the center of the South Lake in the southwest corner is Zhongzhou Island, on which there is the Tongtian Pavilion, in which the spring “patio” is located. To see the spring water, you need to take a paid cruise ship on the shore and row to Zhongzhou island. There is a copper culture park on the East Bank of the lake, which is a big square. You can see the municipal government building in the East. Tourists with children may as well go to children’s Park to play bumper cars, swing, merry go round and other amusement facilities. There is also a zoo in the park. Although it’s not big enough, it’s enough to make children happy.
In April every year, Tianjing Lake Park will hold a peony flower exhibition. The colorful peonies are very suitable for taking photos.

How to Get There

Take No.3, No.18, No.23 and No.101 to Tianjing Lake Park.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐