Huangzangyu National Forest Park in Suzhou City, Anhui

Huangzangyu National Forest Park

Anhui huangzangyu National Forest Park is located in the southeast of Xiaoxian County, 26 kilometers away from Xiaoxian county.

Introduction of Huangzangyu National Forest Park

Huangzang Valley has a wide range of scenic spots. Two of the well known central scenic spots are Ruiyun (Fortunate Cloud) and Tianmen (Heaven’s Gate) Temples. The Shanmen Pailou is a colorful three-story, three-door building with a grand and elegant design.

There are 58 species of wild animals in huangzangyu National Forest Park, Anhui Province. There are mainly rabbits, hedgehogs, snakes, badgers, etc

Main Attractions

  • Longquan Temple
  • Tianmen Temple
  • Fairy bed
  • Imperial cave
  • Rui Yun Temple

How to Get There

  • To Xiaoxian County along Lianhuo expressway, HeXu expressway, 311 national highway, etc;
  • Drive from the county to the east along Datong Street, turn to Huaihai East Road, turn to Jiaotong East Road at Longhe bridge, enter x019 from S301, and then drive 3.2km from x060 to huangcangyu National Forest Park.

Main Attractions in Anhui

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