Tangshan Nanhu International Golf Club

Tangshan Nanhu International Golf Club(唐山南湖国际高尔夫俱乐部) is located in the Southern National Wetland Park in Tangshan City(唐山市南部国家湿地公园), Hebei Province. It is an international standard double-lake scenic course for 72-level 18-hole. It’s designed by Joe FO bringer, the world’s leading designer of Nicklaus(尼克劳斯), the stadium covers 4,730 acresand 7,12 yards in length. The fair way is built along the lake, making wonderful scenery. The 18 holes have uniques tyles, and each green is designed ingeniously; among them, No.2, No.9, No.12, No.13 and No.14 are set in?the lake,which is thrilling; the longest No.10 hole is concealed by sevens and tunnels of Nishi characteristics. Seeing the green from a distance, we can’t help commending that ‘it’s so marvellous!’  After conquering the holes, you can experience the transcendental joy of quite achievements. The site covers an area of 70 acres and is 280 yard slong. We have 68 points in double-deck. The four VIP lounges are distinguished and comfortable, so that you can fully enjoy the feeling of leisure and entertainment, to experience the fun of not only the sports, but also the rest. Three-dimensional space lighting brings you wide field of view, you can get each white ball’s trajectory.We have professional coaches to company you with advanced computer instruction, then you can quickly improve your high golf. Oh, about the transportation, least worry, it’s only 4.5 kilo meters from the city center.If you drive from the Tangshan West exit of the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway, pass through 15 kilometers to meet us.If you come from the Tangshan South Exit(唐山南出口) of the Tangjin Expressway(唐津高速), it’s only 7 kilometers.Very convenient! (hope you happy time!)

Chinese Name:唐山南湖国际高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:河北唐山市路南区大南湖(南湖公园南行1千米)