Taining Ancient City in Sanming

Taining Ancient City

The ancient city of Taining is located in Taining County at the southern foot of Wuyi Mountain(武夷山), with a square area of 226.5 square kilometers. There are not only the most well-preserved authentic Ming Dynasty residential complex , Shangshudi(尚书第) Architectural Complex, the national key cultural relics protection unit, but also the buildings of various periods from the early Ming Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty.

Ancient Architectural Complex

Taining Ancient City mainly includes Shangshudi(尚书第), Shidetang(十德堂), Li’s ancestral temple(李氏祠堂), Jiang Ricai’s former residence(蒋黎各故居) and other ancient architectural communities within Jinshi Street(金石街), Shangshu Street(尚书街) and Jiuzhou Lane(九州街), including more than 127,000 square meters of buildings from early Ming Dynasty to late Qing Dynasty. Auxiliary rooms for production and living, storefronts and ancient streets, alleys, wells and archways are in one. They have grand momentum, rigorous layout, exquisite conception and exquisite craftsmanship.

Main Attractions of Taining Ancient City

Taining Ancient City has a long history of 1340 years. There are many cultural relics and historic sites, known as “Ancient Towns of Han and Tang Dynasties and Famous Cities of Song Dynasty”(汉唐古镇,宋代名城), and the Central Soviet Area during the Second Civil Revolutionary War. Shangshudi and Shidetang, the state’s key cultural relics protection units, are located in the city. The old residences of Zhu De(朱德) and Zhou Enlai(周恩来) and a large number of precious cultural relics are well preserved.

Nearby Attraction

Zhaixia Grand Canyon(寨下大峡谷)

Zhaixia Grand Canyon is located in Zhaixia Village(寨下村), 15 kilometers northwest of Taining County. It was discovered in June 2004. It is composed of three canyons connected by each other. It is a circular triangle, like a golden dragon crouching in the mountains, so it is also called Jinlong Valley(金龙谷). It is also the first geological scientific research route built in Taining, which is called “the model scenic spot of the World Geopark” by United Nations experts. The three verdant canyons are formed by three geological processes, i.e. flow erosion, gravity collapse and tectonic movement. Zhaixia Grand Canyon is an excellent place for viewing Danxia landform. It has typical red cliffs, caves, lanes, line valleys and barrier lakes.

How to Get There

By Air

There is no airport in Taining. You can choose to fly to Nanchang(南昌) and then transfer to other ways to reach Taining. After getting off the plane, you can take the airport bus to Nanchang Railway Station, and take the bus to Taining at the long-distance passenger station next to the station.

By Train

Taining Railway Station is located in Fengyan(丰岩), four kilometers away from Taining County.

By Bus

There are four passenger stations in Taining: Taining Bus Station(泰宁汽车站), Shangqing Station(上清汽车站), Xiafang Station(下坊汽车站) and Taining County Public Passenger Station(泰宁县公共汽车站). Shanghai, Xiamen, Sanming, Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Putian and other cities have cars that can go directly to Taining.

Entrance Ticket of Taining Ancient City

Since October 1, 2018, Taining Scenic Area has opened the Taining Natural Heritage Exhibition Center to the public free of charge. The price of Shangshu(尚书第) Ticket has been reduced from 25 yuan to 20 yuan.