Simian Mountain in Jiangjin District, Chongqing

Why is Simian Mountain so Special?

Simian Mountain is a tourist destination with unique natural landscape, beautiful ecological environment and abundant tourism resources. It integrates mountain, water, forest, waterfall and stone into a whole, and integrates seclusion, danger, male, strange and beautiful. It has won the honors of national scenic spots, national AAAAA tourist attractions, national eco-tourism demonstration areas, national civilized tourist attractions, etc.

Brief introduction of scenic spots

The scenic spot covers an area of 213.37 square kilometers and mainly includes core scenic spots such as Wangxiang Terrace, Land Rock and Honghai. At the same time, it has complete rare address relics formed by the combination of “Danxia Chibi-Weng-Weigu-Gaoshan Waterfall” and cultural sights such as Huiqian Rock Cliff Mural, Chaoyuan View, Huilongzhuang and Simian Mountain Shaolin Temple. The love culture represented by noble love and “the first heart in the world” has important historical and cultural values.

Simian Mountain, with an altitude of 1,709.4 meters and a forest coverage rate of 96%, is the largest and best protected subtropical primitive evergreen broad-leaved forest belt left on the 28th parallel of the earth. It has over 3,700 species of rare animals and plants such as Alsophila spinulosa, Taxus chinensis, Macaca mulatta and Andrias davidianus, with a negative oxygen ion content of up to 29,000 per cubic centimeter in the air. It has been praised as the “gene bank of natural species” by experts of the United Nations Ecological Society and is one of the regions with the richest vegetation, cleanest water quality and purest air in the world.

Main attraction

Landscape and Light Interactive Night Park

In order to enhance tourists’ enjoyment, the Wangxiangtai scenic spot is integrated with acoustic, photoelectric and technological interaction technology to enable tourists to communicate with mountains and rivers, flowers and birds, and the nature of heaven and earth. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of night tours, the traditional binary opposition sightseeing method is broken through. Not only can tourists feel the majestic momentum of Wangxiangtai Waterfall during the day, but also everyone can feel the charming and dreamy beauty of the waterfall at night.

Terrace where people can see their homes

Wangxiang terrace Waterfall is 158 meters high and 48 meters wide. It is the largest wide waterfall with single-stage drop discovered so far in China. It has the reputation of “the highest waterfall in China” and “the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in China”.

longtan lake

Longtan lake is a natural lake with an elevation of 900 meters, a length of nearly 3,000 meters and a depth of 22 meters. On the left is the gate of Simian Mountain scenic spot, and on the right is Huaping Mountain, which stands steeply on the wall and is covered with natural dense forests. Looking around, the lake is crystal clear, reflecting the reflection of the lake and mountain. It is suspected of being an underwater forest.

Travel time

Simian Mountain has an average annual temperature of 13.7 degrees Celsius and a summer temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for leisure and summer activities.
You can travel in all seasons, and you can also see snow in winter.

Scenic spot ticket

Full price of tickets for peak season (February-October): 90 yuan per person;
In the off season (January, November and December), the full price of tickets is 60 yuan per person.
Half ticket discount:
(1) Children above 1.2 meters (inclusive) and below 1.4 meters (inclusive) buy half tickets to enter the mountain.
(2) Students with valid student ID cards (registered full-time) buy half tickets to enter the mountain.
(3) The elderly over 60 years old and under 65 years old will purchase half a ticket to enter the mountain with their ID cards.