Sanya Bay in Hainan

Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay (simplified Chinese: 三亚湾; traditional Chinese: 三亞灣; pinyin: Sānyà Wān) is one of the five major bays in Sanya City, Hainan Province, China. Located on the southern coast of Hainan, directly south of Sanya city, it has a 22 km beach. It is bordered by a peninsula on the east side. Within the bay are two islands called Xidao and Dongdao. The artificial resort Phoenix Island is located in the bay near the eastern end of the beach.

Why is Sanya Bay So Special

Firstly, with such a long bay, visitors can spread out and get active should they desire. What’s more, swimming in Sanya Bay is safer as the sea is calmer. Secondly, one can experience local life there and view the most beautiful sunset. Thirdly, it is convenient to reach from the downtown area, Phoenix International Airport, Coach Station, Sanya Railway Station, and other attractions such as Tianya Haijiao and Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone. Last but not least, eating and accommodation costs are lower compared with that in the other two bays, especially Yalong Bay.

Main Attractions in Sanya Bay

Coconut Dream Corridor

This attraction is a seaside road encircling Sanya Bay, measuring 14 miles (20km) long. On both sides of the road coconut trees sway in the breeze, and in the distance, you will find the vast sea. Strolling along the road, one will feel as if he were in a dreamland; therefore, it is given the name “Coconut Dream Corridor”.
It would certainly be a pity to tour around Sanya without paying a visit to this corridor. You can rent a motorcycle or bicycle to go for a drive. 

Fishermen’s leisure life

As Sanya Bay is not far from downtown, a good choice is to wander along with it after supper to feel the soft sea breeze and warm seawater. You can see the fishermen trawling and hear their work songs resounding in the evening air. If you want to taste the real life of the fishermen, you can join them, but remember, trawling is not an easy job. 

Beautiful Sunset

Enjoying the most beautiful sunset in Sanya Bay is a romantic and delightful thing. On a fine day, the entire sky is alight with rosy glowing clouds. Strolling on the beach, one will feel a peaceful and pleasant sense of well-being. Sanya Bay is especially favored by young couples, so it is also called “Lovers’ Bay”. With the backdrop of the Phoenix Islet and magnificent buildings, Sanya Bay provides visitors a great opportunity to take fantastic pictures.

Travel Guide Accommodation in Sanya

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How to get there

Generally, visitors can take the bus no. 6, 8, 24, 25, 26, 27, 30 or 57 to Guoguang Binhai Huayuan Station or Sanya Dujiacun Station.

  • From Phoenix Airport: Take bus 8 or 27 and get off at Guoguang Binhai Huayuan Station.
  • From Dadonghai: Take bus no.8, 25 or 26 and get off at Guoguang Binhai Huayuan Station.
  • From Yalong Bay: Take bus no. 25 or 27 and get off at Guoguang Binhai Huayuan Station. Sightseeing bus (30 minutes once) in Yalong Bay can take you there in 50 minutes.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐