Noah’s Arch in Hong Kong

Why is Noah’s Arch so Special?

Being in the 180-degree flood loopback cinema, the huge curtain raised a monstrous flood, and with the effect of vibration, flash and wind blowing, it was like experiencing and convincing together with Noah. The 4D stereo cinema enables you to explore the impact of human life on the earth after the flood receded with touch, smell and taste. Appreciate all kinds of precious exhibits, including wildlife and ark models from all over the world, and understand the interpretation of different cultures to the world-shaking flood.

Where is Noah’s Arch?

33 Pershing Road, Ma Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong

Main Attraction of Noah’s Arch

Ark Expo

Ark Expo mainly relies on multimedia facilities to display this resort and understand the mysteries of Noah’s ark. The 180 Flood Theater, a collection of ark models from around the world, will surprise everyone present. In addition, there is an exhibition of Hong Kong’s largest meteorite. Visitors can learn about the microscopic animal kingdom and enjoy the 4D theatre, which shows the power of nature and the challenges facing the earth.

Ark Garden

The sculpture of rare and endangered animals handcrafted by an American professional company in this garden is excellent. They were depicted coming out of the open door of the ark, looking very real. Walking through waterfalls and ponds, tourists can easily feel the surrounding environment and be moved by it.

Ark Life Education House

This is considered the first innovative interactive education center in Hong Kong. Participants were invited to brief, experience and report in their activities and were inspired to realize that “life is a precious gift”. The house has four districts, including my district (I am unique), me and my district (we respect each other), me and the social district (one person to all, all to one person) and me and the world district (cherish our life). Each region has its own unique activities, such as smiling face painting, DIY for loved ones, rainbow railway, letters to me in the future, etc.

Noah’s Adventure Land

Adventure Park is located on the seashore and overlooks the Tsing Ma Bridge, Rambler Channel and Ting Kau Bridge. Adventure activities such as “high adventure tour”, “interesting land” and “team building” can bring unforgettable experiences to children. With tickets to Noah’s Ark, children can play virtual Internet in Adventure Park, although Gao Pingsheng needs to book in advance.

How to Get There

  • By ferry:

1. Tsuen Wan Ferry Terminal – Park Island
Operating hours: 10:35, 13:35, and 16:35
Fare: HKD 12 (adult), HKD 6 (child & senior)

2. Central Pier No. 2 – Park Island
Operating hours: almost 24 hours (every half an hour)
Fare: HKD 27 (adult), HKD 13.5 (child & senior)

  • By bus:

Direct Shuttle
Grand Century Place – Noah’s Ark Entrance Plaza (Ma Wan)
Hours: about 09:30 – 16:00
Fare: HKD 38 for round trip, coverd by the entrance fee HKD 168/ 138
* The above bus service is only for Noah’s Ark ticket holders.

Hong Kong Airport (Bus Bay 19-24 outside T2) – Cathay City – Park Island
Hours: about 06:30-24:30 (every half an hour)
Fare: HKD 24

Tsing Yi Airport Bus Station – Park Island
Hours: about 06:00-05:30 (every 4-30 mins)
Fare: HKD 9.5

Kwai Fong Metroplaza (Kwai Fong Bus Terminus) – Park Island
Hours: about 06:00-05:30 (every 8-30 mins)
Fare: HKD 10

Tsuen Wan Railway Station – Park Island
Hours: about 06:20 – 24:20 (every 20-30 mins)
Fare: HKD 11.5

Central Pier No. 2 – Park Island Bus Terminus
Hours: about 00:00 – 06:30 (every an hour)
Fare: HKD 22

Useful Travel Tips

Entrance Fee HKD 168 (adult)
HKD 138 (3-11 year-old child & senior at age 65 or above)
Opening Hours Exhibitions: 10:00 – 18:00
Hotel/Resort: 24 hours
Restaurant: 10:00 – 21:30
Garden: 8:00 – 18:00
Ticket Hours: 9:45 – 17:30
* Last entry for the following attractions:
Solar Tower & Nature Garden: 17:00
Ark Expo: 17:15
Ark Life Education House & Treasure House & Ark Garden: 17:45

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Edited by Doreen/张洋