Nantong Xiaoyangkou Country Golf Club

Xiaoyangkou Country Club (小洋口乡村俱乐部)is a Links seaside course at the level of international championship. It occupies an area of 2697 mu, and was generally designed 27 holes, which embraces field A of 3740 yards, field B 3645 yards, and field C of 3690 yards. There is distinctive clubhouse in British style with pleasing seaside flavor and quiet as well as warm features of country. Strain your eyes to look at the distance, you can see that the winding fairway lies on the green ground extending with clear ocean under the blue sky. You can lost yourself in playing golf freely to experience the perfect integration of nature and golf. Xiaoyangkou Country Club (小洋口乡村俱乐部) is invested and managed by the Hongkong Baohua Group (香港保华集团), which is one of the leading enterprises in the world construction industry. At present, the enterprise’s main business is based on the fundamental construction of the comprehensive bulk port in the area of Yangtze valley (长江流域) in China and relevant logistical operation work. It aims to organize and integrate a series of comprehensive dry and wet bulk ports in Yangtze valley (长江流域)with the leading port on yellow sea(黄海), Yangkou Port(洋口港), to build a high-quality port assert portfolio and create a comprehensive freight forwarding network.

Xiaoyangkou Country Club(小洋口乡村俱乐部) is the first domestic ordinary ecological golf course in Links and Scottish style exquisitely designed by Nelson & Haworth Golf Architects Pte. Ltd(尼尔森&哈沃斯). Its unique design is not only adorable but also demonstrates the challenging spirit. Neil Haworth(尼尔·哈沃斯), the lead designer, has almost 30 golf course projects being finished and constructing, which include depth and height reconstruction, the design of Yulong Snow Mountain Golf Club(玉龙雪山), Shanghai Sheshan Golf Club(上海佘山), North Lake Golf Club No.9 (北湖九号)and so on. His a lot of works have been listed the competitive court by PGA.

Chinese Name:南通小洋口乡村高尔夫俱乐部 (27洞)
Chinese Address:南通市如东县洋口镇跨港大桥西侧
Translated by Deng Yujie/邓玉洁