Beijing Ming City Wall Ruins Park

Why is Ming City Wall Relics Park So Special?

The Beijing Ming City Wall Ruins Park (北京明北京城城墙遗迹) is a park in Beijing with the longest and best preserved section of the city’s Ming Dynasty city wall.

Ming City Wall Relics Park

The Beijing Ming City Wall Ruins park is located 3 km from the city center, the southeast corner of Beijing’s inner walled city and extends west from Chongwenmen to Dongbianmen and then north to near the Beijing railway station. The park features a 1.5 km section of the Ming city wall and the Southeast Corner Tower, which are over 550 years old and surrounded by green park space to the south and east. The park covers an area of 15.5 ha and 12.2 ha of green space.

History of Ming City Wall Relics Park

Beijing’s inner city wall was built during the Ming Dynasty in 1419. Of the 40 km of the original wall, only this 1.5 km section was spared. Inside this section of the wall are railway yards of Beijing Station. Outside the wall stood residential homes and small businesses. About one-fifth of the two million bricks used to restore the wall are from the Ming era.

In the late 1990s, the city government decided convert the remnants of the wall into a park and relocate the small businesses and homes between the foot of the southern city wall and Chongwenmen East Avenue.

Main Attractions of Ming City Wall Relics Park

Preserved in the park is a section of the city wall including the Southeast Corner Tower, that once connected Chongwenmen and Dongbianmen, two city gates that have been replaced with roadway intersections.

The longer southern city wall is attached to the Southeast Corner Tower itself while a shorter section of the eastern city wall is separated from the corner tower by a railway out of the Beijing railway station. Park space at the foot of the southern city wall extends along Chongwenmen East Avenue to the Second Ring Road.

The Beijing Ancient Observatory, built atop another section of the eastern city wall at Jianguomen, is a short walk north of the corner tower. The Beijing railway station and its rail depots occupy the area immediately north of the park.

How to Get to Ming City Wall Relics Park?

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Take Bus Routes 25, 29, 39, 43, 44, 59, 434, 525, 610, 674 to Dongbianmen;
Take Bus Routes 12, 25, 39, 43, 44, 525, 610 to Chongwenmen East;
Take Bus Routes 25, 39, 43, 44, 52, 122, 434, 637, 638, 750 to Jianguomen South;

By Beijing Subway Line 2 to Chongwenmen and by Beijing Subway Lines 1 and 2 to Jianguomen.

Ticket Information

The corner tower’s exhibits and ramparts are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Admission is Y10 for adults, half-price for students. Children below 1.2 m in height and senior citizens are admitted for free. The rest of the park is free and open to the public at all times.

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