Meizhou Island in Putian

Why is Meizhou Island So Special

Meizhou Island is a small island close to the shores of Putian, Fujian Province in China. The island endowed with beautiful vistas, but also has famous manmade landscape. As it is well known, Meizhou Island is the hometown of Chinese Goddess of the Sea – Mazu, and the birthplace of the Mazu Culture. 

Where is Meizhou Island – Location

Meizhou Island of Putian, Fujian Province is located in the northern half of the mouth of Meizhou Bay, about 1.8 nautical miles from the mainland and faces the Taiwan Straits to the southeast. The coastline, indented with over 12 miles of fine beaches, which is qualified to become a bathing beach resort.

How to Get There

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Independent Travel

You need to take bus to rent a car to bring you to Wenjia Wharf first, then transfer to a ferry to board the island. You may rent a car or take bus at local bus station to get to the wharf. It takes about 2 hours from hou to Wenjia Wharf, about 2.5 hours from Xiamen to Wenjia Wharf. To Wenjia Wharf, 50 minutes from Putian city to Wenjia Wharf. The boat or ferry from Wenjian Wharf to the island takes 15 minutes. After you board the island, you can take the tourist shuttle bus to tour around the island.


Mazu Culture

Mazu, named Lin Mo as a baby; she was very intelligent and had both medical and navigational skills. In her short life, she both saved and blessed many fishermen and villagers alike. Deeply respecting her great compassion and high spirit, later generations built a commemorative temple dedicating it to her upon Meiyu Peak. Today, the temple is vibrant with worshippers who come for Mazus’ blessing.

Main Attractions

The main attractions on the island include Matsu Temple, Mazu Cultural Park, Goose Tail Magic Stone Park(E Wei Shen Shi Park), Jiubaolan Golden Beach, Matsu Studio City, etc..

Recommended Visiting Route

Golden Coast – Mazu Temple – Potala Palace at sea – The Ancestral Temple Forest Park – the Japanese Pit Beach – Mazu film city – Goose Tail God Stone Garden – Golden Beach – Three Thousand Tons Pier.

Useful Travel Tips

1. Best Time to Go

June to October would be the best time to visit Meizhou Island, to enjoy the sunshine on the beach. It would be a little cold if you come in winter.

2. Accommodate at Meizhou Island

Most of the hotels or guesthouse can be found near to the Meizhou Ancestral Temple of Goddess Matsu. The hotel facilities are not too bad. The hotel price is quite reasonable in normal days, but it will rise at weekends or during holidays.