Lanshan Park in Lanzhou

Lanshan Park in Lanzhou is stretching for over 10 kilometers from the lowest Pipa Valley to the highest Three Terrace Pavillion, the park covers an area of 5200mu(346.67 hectares) with an elevation of almost 500meters above sea level. With a grandeur pavilion standing on top of it, the Three Terrace Pavillion is the summit building to the south of Lanzhou. It is an artificial forest park in the city. The way starting from the Longwei Hill and ending at the Three Terraced Pavillion is 3 kilometers long, which is noted for its grotesque rocks, quiet paths, dense poplars, green pines, red willow trees and pavallions and terraces scattered over the hill. It is formerly named Kuixing Pavillion that was originally built in the Ming Dynasy. Mounting the Three Terrace Pavillion, the summit building of the city, you may get completely refreshing and relaxed.


It is located on the Gaolanshan Mountain at the southern edge of the city proper.

How to Get There?

Take No.8/18/71/78/106/101/102 bus or No.31/33/34 electric car and get off at Five Spring station. Then you may either mount the hill by yourself or takr the cable car  to the upper terminal. The climbing journey of the cable car ranks the best among those in the country.

Ticket Price:

Adult: RMB 5; Child (under 1.4m high): RMB 2.5 
Cable Car: RMB10 for the ride up and RMB7 for the ride down.

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

1.Chairlift Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30, April 15-October 15

2.Recommended Time for a Visit: Half a Day