Juma River in Beijing and Hebei

Juma River

The Juma River is a perennial river in Hebei Province, a tributary of the Daqing River, one of the five major river systems in Beijing. It originated from the Taihang Mountain in the northwest of Wuyuan County, Hebei Province. It entered the market in the village of Shigang Village, Shidu Town, Fangshan District, Beijing, and passed through Shidu Scenic Area, Zhangfang Town and Nanshangle Township. Zhangfang Village in Zhangfang Town is divided into two parts. The north branch is the North Juma River, flowing through Nanshangle Township, east of the city of Erhezhuang Village. It is called Baigou River in the east of the village, and merges into the Daqing River in the Baigou Town and the South Juma River.

Introduction of Juma River

Juma riverThe original source of Juma River is situated at Lai Mountain, one of the mountains at Taihang Mountains of Shanxi Province. This river flows through southwestern part of Beijing. Many jet streams can be found along this river and which causing the loose Loess soil on the surface flow easily together with the river. Therefore, a number of mud flow is very common especially when rains heavily. As a result, a muddy-color Juma River was transformed.

Shidu Juma Park

Shidu Juma Park is placed in Shidu Scenic Area in Fangshan District, southwest of Beijing, where the river is wide and clear, and the mountains are steep. It is a famous tourist destination. There are many amusements around here. There are two bungee jumping platforms on the cliff beside the river in Qilin Mountain. The Juma River originates from the depths of the Taihang Mountains and originates from Laiyuan County of Hebei Province. From top to bottom, it follows the Taihang Mountains from the west to the east, flows through Shidu, Yidu to the North China Plain. It enters Baiyangdian when there is little water. When the water levels are high it enters the Bohai Sea.

Shidu features bungee jumping (260RMB), zip lining, cable cars (150RMB) and much more. River activities are aplenty and an hour on a six-person, gondoliered bamboo raft (120RMB per hour), complete with bench chairs, dining table and plastic-leaf awning is a good place to start. Dodgem boats (30RMB for ten minutes), speedboats (30RMB per person) and pedal boats (from 50RMB per 30 minutes) are all also available. For the thrill-seeker, the zip lining looks terrifying and the bungee jumping – corroborated by much screaming – more so.

Recommended Accommdation

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