Jiangxinyu Island in Wenzhou

Jiangxinyu Island

Jiangxinyu Island is on the middle reaches of Ou River in the north of Wenzhou. It stretches from east to west, and is a narrow strip of land with a total area of about 70000 square kilometers. It is one of the four famous islands in China. 

Main Attractions of Jiangxinyu Island

The beautiful scenery, the abundant historical interests and man-made landscaping make the island a bright pearl on the Ou River. Many famous Chinese poets who had been to this island had left back their poems like Li Bai, Du Fu, Lu You, Wen Tianxiang and so on., The main constructions on the island include a temple called Jiangxin Temple and two pagodas called East Pagoda and West Pagoda. The night scene of this island developed  by using illumination and other techniques made the island, a fairyland on earth.

The Nanji Island is located on the sea near Pingyang County in Wenzhou. It is the first ecological nature reserve of islands built in China. The total area of 20106 hectares has 23 islands, 14 submerged reefs and 55 reefs.

The Nanji Island can be divided into three scenic zones namely the Dashaao, the Sanpanwei and the Zhuyubaiyu. The beach at Dashaao is 800 meters wide and 600 meters long. Its clear water and white sand makes it a good place for taking bath or swimming and it is famous for the same.  With numerous varieties of sea-shells and algae, this is also an important sea-shell and algae gene base in China. There are 403 kinds of marine seashells and 174 kinds of marine algae that make 20% of the seashells and algae in China. Hence it is called the Land of Sea-shells and Algae.

How to get to Jiangxinyu Island

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Take No.28, No.33, No.41, No.51, No.68, No.71, No.92 and No.106 to Jiangxin wharf station, and then transfer to Jiangxin ferry to shangjiangxin island The ferry fee is included in the ticket of jiangxinyu, which is about 20 minutes.

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