Wuyanling National Nature Reserve in Wenzhou

Wuyanling National Nature Reserve

Wuyanling National Nature Reserve  is a nature reserve in Taishun County, in the southern part of Zhejiang Province. The reserve occupies a mountainous, forested area. The highest peak is Baiyun Peak, which is 1,611 metres (5,285 ft) high.

Main Attractions of Wuyanling National Nature Reserve


BirdLife International considers Wuyanling Reserve as an Important Bird Area (IBA). Birds of particular conservation value in the reserve include Cabot’s tragopan, much studied in the reserve, and Elliot’s pheasant.

A freshwater goby, Rhinogobius wuyanlingensis, has been collected from Wuyanling, described as a new species to science, and named after the reserve.

The reserve’s inhabitants also include the Chinese giant salamander. A specimen weighing 3.5 kg (7.7 lb), the largest one for a while, was observed in September 2012. This species, once common in the reserve, has greatly suffered from poaching.


A small part of the reserve is developed as a touristic area; the rest of the park is not accessible to the general public. The network of trails follows two streams, and since 2012, includes a paved path to the Baiyun Peak. In 2012, the scenic area was rated as a 3A touristic attraction.

Baiyun Peak

At 1,611 metres (5,285 ft), the Baiyun Peak is the highest mountain in Wenzhou. A paved path now leads to the top.

How to get to Wuyanling National Nature Reserve

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Independent Traveler

Self Driving Route

From Wenzhou City to Taishun County through 58 provincial roads to Wuyanling.

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