Huichun Border Port in Jilin

Hunchun is a county-level city in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, far eastern Jilin province. It borders North Korea (North Hamgyong province) and Russia (Primorsky Krai), has over 250,000 inhabitants, and covers 5,145 square kilometers.[1][2] It was the capital of Balhae/Bohai Kingdom between 785-793 as “Dongyang”.

The city’s name Hunchun comes from Huncun in Manchu language. (Manchu: ᡥᡠᠨᠴᡠᠨ; Möllendorff: huncun; Abkai: hunqun).

The city and the village Fangchuan is located near the point of junction of the borders of China, Russia, and North Korea; provided with an observation platform, it is a popular tourist attraction.

Jilin is particularly well-positioned geographically to develop a modern logistics industry, with 16 China-Russia and China-Democratic People’s Republic of Korea border ports, two international airports and two inland railway ports.

The village of Fangchuan in Hunchun, in the east of the province, for instance, is just 15 kilometers from the Sea of Japan. The mouth of the Tumen River, which feeds into the sea, is the closest point between China and Russia, the east coast of the Korean Peninsula, Japan and the DPRK.