Huaxi Wetland Park in Guiyang

Huaxi Wetland Park

Huali Wetland Park Shilihetan Scenic Area is located in the southern suburb of Guiyang. In December 2009, Huaxi Wetland Park was formally approved as the first National Wetland Park in southwest China. Located in Huaxi proper, in Guiyang, the Park mainly boasts such scenic spots as Huaxi Park, Huaxi Shilihe Beach, and Dajiangshan Park, and so on. It was built in March 2010, and has been open to the public since September 6, 2011.

Why is Huaxi Wetland Park So Special?

The Huaxi National Wetland Park is described as a magnificent “diamond” inlaid in Huaxi, the “brilliant pearl plateau”. Huaxi River in the wetlands is known as the “No. 1 Love River of China”. With its sufficient high quality water, it has become the main supplier of water for domestic use by Guiyang citizens. It has flood plains scattered on both banks, with water flowing gently along the winding river course of 20 bends.

Main Attractions of  Huaxi Wetland Park


Shilihetan scenic area starts from Niujiao island in the south, ends at Longwang village in the north, Huaxi Avenue in the West and Dajiangshan mountains in the East, with a length of 6.5km and an area of 2.19km2. Shili river beach wetland ecosystem includes farmland wetland, river wetland, swamp wetland, river beach wetland, wet meadow, ditch and other types, with the functions of water storage and flood peak reduction, which can adjust the climate and improve the environment. At the Shilihe Beach, stroll along the boardwalk and enjoy the natural scenery. The vegetation in the scenic area is very lush. In the spring, you can come to enjoy the mountain flowers. In the summer, you can also enjoy the lotus flowers in the pond. The golden rice fields in the autumn are a good place for photography.

Huaxi Park

 As a scenic spot, Huaxi Park was built in April of the 28th year of the Republic of China (1939). The original name of the park was Zhongzheng park. In March 1940, the construction of the park was basically completed. Wu Dingchang, then president of the Guizhou provincial government, presided over the completion ceremony in person. The next year, he Yingqin wrote four words for the gate of the park: “Zhongzheng Park”. In 1949, it was officially named Huaxi park. In December 2009, Huaxi Park was incorporated into Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park.

How to get to Huaxi Wetland Park

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Independent Traveler

  • Bus

    Guiyang bus 201, 202, 204, 207 and 248 can directly reach Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park.
    Guiyang bus 265, which will be opened around September 20, 2015, can go directly to Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park from Guiyang North railway station.
    Guiyang bus 223 can go directly to Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park from Jinyang bus station.
    Guiyang bus No. 254 can go directly to Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park from Guiyang East passenger station. Guiyang bus 203 can go directly to Huaxi National Urban Wetland Park from Guiyang railway station. Survey of scenic spots

  • Self Driving

    Huaxi Wetland Park is located in the south of Guiyang City, only 12 kilometers away from the city center. It is close to Huaxi Avenue, the urban expressway. It can be reached by Jiaxiu South Road (West 2nd Ring Road) or Huaxi Avenue or Wangkuan station of Guiyang Ring Expressway (Southwest Ring Road), with convenient transportation.

Useful Travel Tips 

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Outside the No.2 Gate of Flower Stream Park, a snack street is just 3 minutes away. Huaxi Beef Noodles is worthy trying.

Admission Tickets

1. The Shilihe Beach: Free

2. Huaxi Park: 8:00-18:30: Adult: RMB 6; Children: RMB 3; After 18:30: Free

Nearby Attractions

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