Huangmanzhai Waterfall in Jieyang City

Huangmanzhai Waterfall

The Huangmanzhai waterfalls are five waterfalls in Jiexi County, Jieyang, Guangdong, China. The main waterfall (Feihong waterfall) is 56 meters high and 82 meters wide. The scenery at the Huang Manzhai Waterfall is beautiful, green trees and fresh, clean air. There are many waterfalls in the mountains, large and small. The main waterfalls include the Huang Manzhai Waterfall, the Milky Way Waterfall and the Sandie Waterfall. The falls are 80 meters wide and more than 50 meters deep. Three streams of water plunge from the cliffs. During periods of heavy rain, the three streams can connected together, creating an even more spectacular scene.

Introduction of Huangmanzhai Waterfall

A large group of waterfalls

The upstream reservoir can be stored at night and released at daytime to ensure that waterfalls with huge water flow can be seen all year round. Huangmanzhai Waterfalls Group reach is not more than kilometers long, but it has formed multi-level waterfalls. Each waterfall has its own characteristics. From bottom to top, they are Doufangkong Waterfall, Triassic Valley Waterfall, Luojiutian Waterfall, Yinhekong Waterfall and Feihong Waterfall. Up the waterfront path, a huge roar echoed through the valley, and the two people who were facing each other stood very close and spoke loudly before they could hear each other clearly. All the way through the vine winding, rocky, looking up at the top of the mountain is covered by a cloud, even in winter, here is still green. Along the waterfront trail, climbing up, all the way vine winding, rocky, looking up at the top of the mountain is covered by a cloud, even in winter, here is still green. The fifth-grade waterfall rushes straight to the torrential flood, falling more than 300 meters, reaching Shouxing Pool as green as emerald. The waterfall is inlaid in a deep mountain canyon of more than 1000 meters. The mountains on both sides are green and lush, like a paradise in the world. Canyon rocks are rugged and handsome, with exotic flowers and trees, each shining brilliantly. This is really a mountain bodybuilding contest and a water dance performance.

How to Get There

There is no bus to get Huangmanzhai Waterfall, you should hire a car or self-driving.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Tickets are more expensive, online shopping is cheaper.
  • The mountain climate changes greatly. Please pay attention  to Keeping warm.
  • The road up the hill is a little difficult to walk, basically all up the hill, back all downhill, little flat road. Please wear comfortable shoes.

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