Shunde Junan Country Garden Golf Club

Shunde Junan Country Garden Golf Club(顺德均安碧桂园俱乐部) is almost flat with beautiful landscape. Each hole is completely separated by 6 different lakes, trees and mountains. It is not only a very scenic course but also has a very good layout. 18 holes harmonize with each other, it is very fun to play.

4th Par 5 548 yards
A par 5 with an excellent layout. The first landing spot on the fairway is between 2 lakes. The second shot has 3 options: to go for the green in 2, to lay up in front of the lake leaving a 150-yard approach shot, or to hit over the water to the protruding, peninsula shaped fairway to the front left of the green. This signature hole’s nickname is “Devil’s Hole”.

15th Par 5 520 yards
An interesting but dangerous par 5. The 5 big fairway bunkers right in the middle split the hole into 2 halves, higher on the left and lower on the right. On the right, there is a chance of reaching the green in 2 but the ball must fly over a wide lake and 2 big bunkers of nearly 2 meters (6 ft.).

18th Par 4 588 yards
A slight dogleg to the right, a long par 5. A lake on the right of the fairway comes into play on the second and third shots. A creek crosses the fairway 130 yards in front of the green, so you need to make a decision to fly over the creek or to lay up in front of it on the second shot. This finishing hole is beautiful.

19th hole
It takes 2 hours from Hong Kong by ferry and 40 minutes by club bus. It is 2 hours drive from Guangzhou and 90 minutes drive from Zhuhai. There are cozy hotel rooms in the clubhouse. Night golfing of 18 holes is available.

When I played, the greens were not in good shape but the ball rolled smoothly as the grass was well cut.

The designer’s, Liang Guo Kun, other courses in China are Yinli Foreign Investors GC, Holliday Islands GC, Shenzhen Longgang Green GC and Guiyang GC.

Chinese Name:顺德均安碧桂园俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:佛山市顺德区均安镇翠湖路1号