Harbin Sun Island International Golf Course

Sun Island International Golf Club, located in the scenic Sun Island (太阳岛)which covers an area of 15.9 hectares (1.4 million square meters), together with the world-class scenic spot the Ice and Snow World (冰雪大世界)and the International Beer Festival hold annually in August, has constituted one of the most popular tourist destinations in Harbin(哈尔滨).

The main facilities in this club include a standard 9-hole 36-par courses, a lodge, a golf training field with 30 hitting bays, a tennis court and a winter ice sports field. In all, Sun Island International Golf Club is a large-scale development project in Harbin Economic and Technological Development Zone.


Introduction to the golf course

All the club members and guests will be provided with a 27-hole golf course, which is designed under the advisers of AGG (Asian Golf Group) and is constructed under the guidance of Mr. Kerry Son.

In the golf training field, all the members and guests will be provided with 80 hitting bays (around 300 yards in length) and other learning facilities as well as golf lessons instructed by professional PGA instructors and best local coaches. There’s no fence int the field so it’s truly close to nature. It will become the largest training field that will hold interprovincial golf competitions among Heilongjiang(黑龙江) province and other provinces in China and it will also be one of the biggest planforms to support the PGA tour. There is a delicate dining area where customers can enjoy the beautiful views of the golf course through the windows. There is also a high-end golf exclusive shop in the training field. The very first golf academy in Heilongjiang province will be established here.

 Training Feild


Route from south of the river: set off from Songhua River Bridge(松花江大桥) and go through Song Bei AVE(松北大道), then cross the Jinshui Bridge(金水桥) and go north for 500 meters (on the right side of SongBei AVE and eastside of the Ice and Snow World(冰雪大世界))

Route from north of the river: set off from Song Bei AVE and passing by the Ice and Snow World, turn around on the underground bridge then cross the Jinshui Bridge and go north for 500 meters

ADD:No.63,Ganshui Road, Economy and Technology Development Zone, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province


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Chinese Name:哈尔滨太阳岛国际高尔夫球场 (27洞)
Chinese Address:哈尔滨市松北区太阳岛月亮湾8号
Translated by Anijuan/阿妮娟