Hancheng Lake Park in Weinan

Why Visit Hancheng Lake Park?

  1. Hancheng Lake Park is a special ecological park uniting flood protection and security, garden landscape, water ecology, heritage conservation and urban agricultural irrigation. Visitors can view and enjoy the unique landscapes on both sides of the Hancheng Lake by boat, there are also deluxe barges equipped with a variety of service facilities.
  2. In addition to beautiful natural landscapes, it houses many heritage sites dating from as far back as the Han Dynasty (202 B.C. – 220A.C.) and architecture built in Han style.
  3. On December 1, 2010, Hancheng Lake Scenic Area was approved as a national water conservancy scenic area. In April 2013, Hancheng Lake was rated as a national AAAA tourist scenic area.

Where is The Hancheng Lake Park?

Hancheng Lake Park is located in Weiyang District, Xi ‘an City, Shaanxi Province, 200 meters south of the cross road of Fengcheng Fourth Road and Zhuhong Road, the former Tuanjie reservoir (ancient canal), the widest water is 80 meters, the narrowest 30 meters, water depth 4 to 6 meters. 

It is a special ecological park uniting flood protection and security, garden landscape, water ecology, heritage conservation and urban agricultural irrigation. Visitors can view and enjoy the unique landscapes on both sides of the Hancheng Lake by boat, there are also deluxe barges equipped with a variety of service facilities; there is a safe, comfortable and stable antique picture boat; there are large-scale cruise ships as well with a modern style. On the way you can sense the charm of the small bridges, elegant and elegant classical gardens.

Main Attractions of Hancheng Lake Park

Sacrificed Ceremony Zone

In this area, you can see a spectacular group of fountains with a 60 meter (197 feet) tall main fountain. The fountain show starts at 20:30 every night and lasts 30 minutes with a variety of water curtain shapes under the control of a computer. The fountains dance to the music representing the magnificent and prosperous Han Dynasty and show people’s wishes of a happy life.

After enjoying the musical fountains, you can see a 21.5 meter (70 feet) tall statue of Emperor Wu of Western Han. The substrate of 7 meters (23 feet) high means he is the seventh emperor of the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 24 A.D). Next attraction – Four Han-Style Watchtowers is a landmark building of Hancheng Lake Park. The watchtower is composed of a base, body and roof. They are not only built using exquisite architectural techniques, but also engraved with intricate inscriptions.

Turret Zone

The most well-known attraction in Turret Zone is Gale Pavilion with a height of 64 meters (70 yards). It is the highest point in the whole park. From the bottom floor to the top floor inside, there are Museum of Bovine’s Culture and Ceramics, 3D Theater, Silk Road Museum, Gallery of Han Culture, Exhibition of World Heritage of Wooden Handicraft, Hall of Han Dynasty’s Clothing, Exhibition of Military Campaign in sequence. Climbing onto the top floor, you can catch the beautiful view of Hancheng Lake. There is also a Gods’ Platform. It was originally built by Emperor Wu in order to welcome the gods and pray for peace and prosperity.

In addition, Stone Pillars landscape is also worth a visit. It is carved with Poems of Bangu, a famous literary in ancient times, to show the prosperity of Chang’an, the then capital city. You might also be attracted by another splendid spot – the Sculpture Square. The sculpture, 200 meters (218 yards) long, is the largest sculpture in Xi’an. The carved content mainly depicts major events from the Han Dynasty.

Besides the above attractions, the Site of the Southeast Corner of Han Chang’an City and Miniature Qinling Mountains Landscape are scattered throughout Turret Zone.

Bacheng City

The Bacheng City zone includes four attractions, the main spots of which are Waterwheel Square and Sacred Yellow Elm. In Waterwheel Square, there are two huge waterwheels in Han Dynasty style and the brilliant carving of the water conservancy project on the ground. In the elm garden of the Hancheng Lake Park stands a “sacred elm”. It is a kind of rare species of tree with a history of nearly a thousand years, which can be named “the king of the elm”.

Han Bridges Watertown

In this area, you can see the handicraft workshops, folk stores and buildings with typical northern architectural features. The main attractions in this zone are Coins Square and bridges like Shangwu Bridge, Hongming Bridge and Huilan Bridge. The Coins Square covers a total area of 0.5 acre, paved with over 400 coins modeled on coins from the Han Dynasty.

Fu’ang Scenery

Fuang Scenery is located on the original Site of Fuang Gate of Han Chang’an City, hence the name Fuang Scenery. There are only two scenic zones: Chongwei Bridge and Water Mill Square. The sculpture group is currently under construction.

Moonlight in Lake

The attractions in this area are the Isle in the Central Park and Eaves Tiles Square. The Isle in Central Park is a sightseeing isle which also provides a habitat for wild birds. The Eaves Tiles Square shows the great variety of tiles from the Han Dynasty. The tile has four different patterns: characters, animals’ stripe, clouds’ stripe and four gods’ tiles. The four gods represent four seasons and four directions respectively.

How to get to Hancheng Lake Park

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Independent Traveler

  • To Peace Bridge Entrance: take bus no. 717/50/207/33/900/221/235/Inter-zone 900 and get off at Guojiacun Station.
  • To Gale Pavilion Entrance: take bus no. 50/221/708 and get off at Electromechanical Market, Zhuhong Road Station (Zhuhonglu Jidian Shichang).
  • To Fengshan Gate Square: take bus no. 235 and get off at Fengshan Gate, Hancheng Lake Station (Hanchenghu Fengshanmen)

Useful Travel Tips

  1. Best Time to Visit: All year round. As summer is hot in Xian, visiting in morning and after sunset is better choice.
  2. Ticket Price
    Free except the ticket of Gale Pavilion, shuttle bus, cruise boat and amusement boat.
    Gale Pavilion: CNY45; free of charge for children under 1.2 meters (1.3 yards).
    Shuttle Bus: CNY20/person for one way; CNY40/person for a round trip.
    Cruise Boat: CNY30/person for half way; CNY60/person for one way.
    Amusement Small Boat: CNY50-100/boat.
  3. Open Time
    March-August: 6:00-22:00;
    September-next February: 7:00-21:00.
    Gale Pavilion: 9:00-17:30.
    Shuttle Bus, Cruise Boat and Amusement Boat: 9:00-18:00
  4. Pay Attention:
    Hancheng Lake is 4 to 6 meters deep, along both sides of the lake set up fences and warning signs, staff remind visitors not to swim near the lake, do not climb over or ride railings, in case of falling into the water event motor vehicles are not allowed to enter the scenic area.

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