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Guangzhou Transportation by Train mainly introduces the latest trains from and to Guangzhou including high speed trains, and the information of the major railway stations in Guangzhou, which can guide you how to get to Guangzhou by train.

Major Railway Stations in Guangzhou

At present, there are three major train station under service in Guangzhou, namely, Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangzhou South Railway Station. What’s more, Located in No. 1 Zhanqian Road, Huadu District, Guangzhou North Railway Station has been under reconstruction until 2020 according to plan. By then, the combination of ordinary railway, high speed railway, subway, light railway and long distance bus, Guangzhou North Railway Station will become the large-scale passenger transport hub surpassing Guangzhou South Railway Station.

Guangzhou Railway Station

Located in No. 159 Huanshi West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Railway Station is the junction of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Guangzhou-Maoming Railway and Foshan-Zhaoqing Intercity Railway. Also, Guangzhou Metro Line 2 and Line 5 converged on this station. So it is not only one of the most important railway stations in Guangzhou but the main railway hub station in China.

Add: No. 159 Huanshi West Road, Yuexiu District(广东省广州市越秀区环市西路159号)
Tel: /
How to Get There: An interchange station of Line 2 and Line 5 of the Guangzhou Metro. It is located at the underground of the west square of Guangzhou Railway Station, located at the junction of Huanshi West Road and Renmin North Road in Yuexiu District. It started operations on December 29, 2002, (Line 2) and December 2009 (Line 5) respectively. Its area is about 10000 square metres and it is the second largest metro station in Guangzhou. Buses No. 30, 31, 52, 52 express line, 201, 210, 228, 254, 257, 529, 550, 552, 803a, 803, 805 short line, 805, 807a, 807, 840, 862b, 862, b10, b2a, b2, 21 express line, 43 express line, 60 express line, Guang 275, Night Bus Line (11, 18, 25, 41, 94, 96, 98) can get there.

Guangzhou East Railway Station

Located in No. 1 Dongzhan Road, Linhe Subdistrict, Tianhe District, Guangzhou East Railway Station is the main passenger center of Guangzhou railway. There are three major routes: Guangzhou-Kowloon, Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou.

Add: No. 1 Dongzhan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou(广州市天河区东站路1号)
Tel: (020)61346610
How to Get There: An interchange station between Lines 1 and 3 of the Guangzhou Metro. It is located at the underground of China Railway station in Linhe Middle Road, Tianhe District. It started operations on 28 June 1999 (Line 1 section) and 26 December 2005 (Line 3 section) respectively.

Guangzhou South Railway Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station ranks first in the country in terms of passenger numbers, surpassing Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station. During the May holiday season 2018, the station saw 1,672,300 passengers, with an average daily arrival of 557,400 passengers. The highest daily delivery volume was 574,300, which was the highest in history. During the Spring Festival of 2018, the total number of passengers arriving at the station ranked first in the country, with a total of 17.137 million passengers. Located in Shibi Village, Shibi Subdistrict, Panyu District, Guangzhou South Railway Station, the core station in Pan- Pearl River Delta, is the biggest and busiest railway station in Southern China. Moreover, it is renowned as a world-class comprehensive transport hub, connecting Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Add: Shibi Village, Shibi Subdistrict, Panyu District
How to Get There: You can take Line 2 and Line 7 to the railway station. The metro station shares the same name as the train station _Guangzhou South Railway Station(广州南站). The metro station is inside the railway station so it is very convenient. What’s more, Buses No. 288a, 301a, 303a, 309a,  k330,  k6,  k990, 3, 102, 20, 61, 79 can get there.

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Guangzhou Trains

Train Schedule

Guangzhou Railway Station

Destination Train Number Duration Ticket price (yuan)
First class/Second class
Shenzhen 18 departures from 06:00 to 22:25 1h28m-1h39m 99.5/79.5
Beijing West 3 trains at 08:28, 15:02 and 16:20 21h24m-29h58m 795/456
Shanghai South 3 trains from 07:45 to 14:55 18h17m-23h39m 673/367
Wuchang 26 departures from 08:11 to 22:28 10h44m-15h8m 470.5/283.5
Nanjing 2 trains at 07:45 and 09:00 23h55m-24h31m 741/428
Chongqing North 8 departures from 11:50 to 17:47 21h59m-31h16m 769/388
Chengdu 3 trains from 11:40 to 16:26 27h53m-38h14m 749.5/491.5
Xian 7 departures from 08:22 to 20:20 21h51m-28h26m 741/428

Guangzhou East Railway Station

Destination Train Number Duration Time Ticket Price (RMB)
First class/Second class
Shenzhen 54 departures from 06:30 to 22:23 1h14m-1h23m 99.5/79.5
Hong Kong 12 departures from 10:17 to 21:32 1h53m-1h58m 206/173
Harbin West Z236 at 19:50 34h59m 1,060/628
Shanghai Z100 at 18:12 15h25m 685/377
Changsha 8 departures from 13:28 to 22:52 7h22m-8h37m 349/246
Tianjin Z14, Z236 at 17:10 and 19:50 22h47m-24h42m 810/471
Beijing West Z98 at 18:06 21h24m 795/456
Zhengzhou Four trains from 17:10 to 22:52 15h31m-17h27m 619/373
Xiamen K297 at 20:42 11h15m 385/267
Shantou T8379 at 15:13 8h22m 246/180
Meizhou Three trains from 09:40 to 20:42 5h30m-5h44m 208.5/141.5
Nanchang Four trains from 07:41 to 18:52 11h47m-13h20m 443.5/255.5

Guangzhou South Railway Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station is the largest high-speed railway station in South China and is an important transportation hub connecting Beijing to Guangzhou. It also serves trains connecting major southern cities, such as Guiyang and Nanning, to Guangzhou.

The station links up smoothly with high-speed (D/G), intercity (C), and normal-speed (T/Z/K/numbered) trains, subway and highway. Guangzhou South Railway Station ranks no. 7 among all the high-speed railway stations in China and is widely used by foreigners.

Destination Price (RMB) Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
Shenzhen North 74.5 30-45m 109 G train
Guangzhou to Shanghai train 793 7-8.5h 4 G train
Beijing West 862 8.5-13h 5 G train
Xian North 813.5 7.5-9h 7 G train
Changsha South 314 2.5-3h 102 G train
Hangzhou East 720 6-7.5h 5 G train
Chengdu East 816.5 13.5-14h 2 G train
Chongqing North 720 11-11.5h 3 G train
Guiyang North 267.5 4.5-5.5h 23 G,D train
Guilin 137 2.5-3h 35 G,D train
Kunming South 434.5 6.5-9h 16 G,D train
Huangshan North 646 7h 1 G train
Yangshuo 117 2-2.5h 8 D train
Hengshan West 259 2-2.6h 11 G train
Nanchang West 472 4-4.5h 12 G train
Wuhan 463 4-4.5h 62 G train

Regional Trains within Guangdong Province

Destination Price (CNY) Duration Frequency (Daily) Train Type
Chaoshan 164 2.5-3.5h 10 G train
Zhuhai 70 1-1.5h 39 C train
Shaoguan 164.5 50m 67 G train
Jiangmen 40 40-50m 19 C train
Humen 34.5 17-24m 52 G train
Sanshui 15.5 27m 34 D train
Zhaoqing East 23.5 36m 56 D train
Yunfu East 42.5 1h 22 D, G train
Huizhou South 91 1h 8 G train
Qingyuan 39.5 24m 12 G train

Guangzhou Trains

Guangzhou High Speed Trains

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