Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe in Hulunbuir City

Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe

Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe, located in the heartland of Hulunbuir Grassland, is 37km to the north of Hailar District of Hulunbuir city. It is the only nomadic tribe which opens to tourists, a reproduction of the camping tents in Genghis Khan’s time.

Introduction of Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe

The Golden Horde, located in the middle-west of Hulunbuir Prairie, is a nomadic Mongolian scenic spot. This area is a herd grazing pasture from times of old. Between the end of the 12th century and the early 13th century, Genghis Khan united all tribes and occupied Hulunbuir Prairie. The layout of the Golden Horde is a replica of Genghis Khan’s own tent. The Golden tents are their signature housing on the move, including Khan Shatyr, military tents and for noblemen.

Best time to visit

Hulunbeier has the features of grassland weather with big temperature difference between day and night. Different seasons at Hulunbuir present different landscapes and sceneries.

  1. Between mid-May and did June, the Hulunbeier Grasslands turn green with fewer mosquitoes. The azaleas makes a mass of colour around the Greater Khingan Range.
  2. From June to September, be prepared for strong sunshine and sharp changes in temperatures from day to night.
  3. From December to March, Hulunbuir becomes a mecca for ice and snow lovers. It is a paradise for sking for the 7-month long winter season. 

How to Get to Hulunbuir

Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport, the nearest airport to the grassland, is in the Hailar District of Hulunbuir City. The distance between the airport and the grassland is about 150 km. You can hire a driver to take you to and from the grassland.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐