Garden of World’s Flowers in Beijing

Why is the Garden of World’s Flowers in Beijing so Special?

The Beijing Garden of World’s Flowers is made up of greenhouses and garden squares that make it feel like spring all year round. There is also a special tissue culture room in the museum. There are staff members who organize the flowers behind glass windows.

Where is the Garden of World’s Flowers in Beijing?

The Beijing Garden of World’s Flowers is located at No. 235 Nansihuan Middle Road, Fengtai District, Beijing.

How to Get There

  • Take subway line 10, and get off at the Caoqiao Station. Then, walk southwards for around 700 meters (760 yards) to the north gate of the garden.
  • Take bus no.377 or no.646, and get off at Beijing Garden of World’s Flowers Station. Then enter the garden through the south gate.

Main Attractions

Garden of Versailles

Versailles garden is built on the basis of the Versailles garden in France. Among them, there are European style porches full of Roman architectural style, model flower beds with Chinese traditional auspicious patterns composed of 20000 juniper trees and summer cultural squares for 600 people to enjoy. The garden also planted nearly 100 animal modeling trees and hundreds of years old ginkgo and crape myrtle.

Garden of German Style

This garden covers an area of 620 square meters. The garden is mainly planted with German flowers such as cornflower, delphinium, capsaicin, etc. The lawn is also built in the park, and characteristic plants are planted around it, which is fresh and natural. Set up exhibition boards along the tour road to introduce the local conditions and customs of Germany to visitors. The north side of the park adopts a wood-frame structure, and a typical German-style bar is set up. Here, visitors can enjoy the delicious German beer.

Water Garden

The Water Garden is in the center of the valley. When tourists visit the valley path, they will be surrounded by more than 60 kinds of 1.4 million perennial plants, as if they are in the sea of flowers. Garden Center is to use a variety of architectural shapes, vividly and vividly show the various states of water, thus highlighting the close relationship between people and water, flowers and water in harmony.

Garden of Holland Style

The Garden of Holland Style covers an area of 350 square meters, which focuses on the traditional Dutch Customs, the developed cultivation techniques of ornamental plants and the development techniques of wind resources. The 6-meter-wide windmill is spectacular. The white fence around the house is separated from the outside world. A large number of Dutch tulips are planted in the garden, which is dazzling.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese style garden covers an area of about 350 square meters. The East and West corners of the park are the entrances and exits. A wooden door is designed in the southeast corner of the park. There are two different styles of travel roads. There are various flowers and plants on both sides and around, forming five flower bed groups. There is a small lake in the flowers on the west side, which is connected with the stream on the north side. The connection between the lake and the river crosses a wooden bridge, next to which is a gazebo. The most representative cherry blossom of Japan is planted. The whole garden reflects the typical style of the Japanese Garden.

Chinese Garden

The Chinese garden covers an area of 450 square meters. It adopts the white walls, grey tiles and flower windows of the traditional architectural style in the south of China, which is very charming in the south of the Yangtze River.

Russian Castle Garden

Russian castle garden covers an area of about 350 square meters, close to the main road. A beautiful flower well in the garden makes people full of curiosity. There is a Russian style wooden house on the north side, in which gardening products and publicity materials are displayed. Conifers, larches and shrubs as well as birches from Russia are planted in the park.

Fuwa Paradise

Fuwa paradise is divided into five theme parks: Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini. Among them, Jingjingyuan is the core exhibition area, including China ancient sports exhibition, Olympic knowledge picture exhibition, new China sports development exhibition, China Olympic champion hero score, 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium exhibition, Olympic project introduction Gallery, multimedia learning interactive demonstration, digital Olympic Games picture exhibition and nostalgic animation exhibition. Huanhuanyuan is the central stage area, performing world-famous Children’s plays and Fuwa’s plays; Beibei Park, Yingying Park and Nini park are respectively the activity game area, sports area and entertainment activity area, where interactive games, science and technology simulation games, small-scale sports and entertainment activities with strong participation are arranged.

Useful Travel Tips

  • Admission Fee: 
    CNY 60 per person
    Free of charge for children below 1.2 meters (3.9 feet)
  • Opening Hours:
    8:00-17:00 from December to February
    8:00-17:30 from March to May and from September to November

    8:00-18:00 from June to August

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