Fairy Pool Scenic Area in Jiuzhaigou

Fairy Pool Scenic Area

The Fairy Pool Area is situated in Dalu Township, which is about 49 kilometers far from the entrance to the Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest It is a famous attraction in Jiuzhaigou Valley. In Tibetan, the Fairy Pool Scenic Area is called Nen’en Sangcuo, meaning “a place where fairies bathe.”.

Why is Fairy Pool Scenic Area So Special?

The Fairy Pool Scenic Area, combining the characteristics of the Jiuzhaigou Valley and the Huanglong National Scenic Reserve, comprises about 2,000 alpine lakes and travertine pools. Pools of various shapes and sizes are scattered throughout the lush forest.

Main Attractions of Fairy Pool Scenic Area

The most celebrated attractions are the Golden and Silver Beach, the Double-Dragon Pool, the Divine Frog Sea, the Blue Dragon Sea, the Kermes Brooklet and the travertine waterfalls.

  • The Fairy Pools are celebrated for the three huge colorful pools and a group of small stone dams. The three pools are known as the Big Lake, the Green Sea and the Big Sea, each covering an area of about 6,667 square meters. The colors of the dams are white or pale yellow. The calcified stones in the water resemble agates, corals and pearls.
  • Historical and cultural attractions in the Fairy Pool Scenic Area include the Horses Passage where Songtsen Gampo and his troops once passed and the Tianbao Museum. Songtsen Gamp was the founder of the Tibetan Regime in ancient China.
  • In the Tianbao Museum, tourists can see many lumbermen’s cottages and tools. They provide evidence of the human destruction of the environment.

How to Get to Fairy Pool Scenic Area in Jiuzhaigou?

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Independent Travel


Take a bus from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station to Jiuzhaigou County at 8:30am, and then hire a local car to the scenic area.

Useful Travel Tips 

Admission Ticket

  Adults Children between
1 – 1.3m (3.3 – 4.3 feet)
Entrance Fee Apr. 1 – Nov. 10 CNY 100 CNY 90
Nov. 11 – Mar. 31 CNY 80 CNY 65
Sightseeing Bus Fee CNY 90 CNY 70
Electric Car Fee CNY 40 CNY 30


  •  This scenic area holds no more than 2,000 people per day ensuring that tourists can enjoy the most appealing sceneries and the best services.
  • Free for children under 1m.


The average temperature varies between 5℃ and 12 5℃ in Spring; the temperature between 13 ℃ and 21 ℃ in Summer; the average temperature varies between 4 ℃ and 13 ℃ in Autumn;the average temperature varies between 0 ℃ and 3 ℃in Winter.

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