Tiger Leaping Gorge Shopping

This part introduces Tiger Leaping Gorge Shopping. Tiger Leaping Gorge is part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas-World Heritage Site and one of the top hiking route in the world. The main inhabitant is Naxi people who live spread over the valley. Here are some Tiger Leaping Gorge Local Products for travelers.

1. Dongba Woodcarving

Tiger Leaping Gorge carvings are unique to the Naxi people, of which the most famous is the Dongba woodcarving. Content carving comes from daily life, such as female Diaodan, plow, farming, planting and other field activities.

2. Su Li Ma Wine

Su Li Ma wine is actually a drink, whose main raw material is barley or sorghum, ingredients are wine Qu. Su Li Ma wine Mosuo people in Ninglang Pumi people's favorite drink.

3. Tianma

Tianma is a medicine, to treat headache, dizziness, convulsions in children, hypertension and other diseases.

4. Lijiang Bronze

Lijiang Naxi people also made of bronze, bronze exquisite style, many tourists will buy.

5. Dongba Batik

Batik is an inherent Naxi Dongba cultural connotation of dyeing products, full of ethnic customs to Tiger Leaping Gorge shopping can buy some.

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