Tiger Leaping Gorge Dining

Tiger Leaping Gorge is mainly located in Shangri-La, 60 kilometers away from Lijiang with a complex topography, changeable climate and abundant natural resources. When hiking around, wonder about what and where to Eat in Tiger Leaping Gorge? The most famous Tiger Leaping Gorge Food are vegetables. The people pay attention to refreshing of the food in Tiger Leaping Gorge. The cuisine of meat is mainly focus on baking and stewing. Don’t miss some local food like Lijiang Baba and local chicken, Tuotuo meat and Buttered Tea of Yi. Travelers can have meals in hostels in Tiger Leaping Gorge, such as Naxi GH and Tina’s GH.

1.Roast Food

Roast Whole Lamb and Roast Fish are the typical food.

2.Local Chicken

It’s a must-taste food for travellers. The meat of the local chicken is fresh and tender. And it’s a nice food to replenish energy after a long-time trek.

3.Lijiang Baba( a kind of cake)

Lijiang Baba is made of the wheat flour, hams, oil and sugar. It taste very appetizing and is divided into two flavors-sweet and salty. It only takes nearly 4-8RMB.       

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