Shigatse Dining

Tibetan topography has significantly influenced its culture and Tibetan cuisine and gave its unique character. The fruits and vegetables are insufficient due to the alpine and harsh environment. There is no rice cultivation, that's why rice is not included in the staple Tibetan cuisine. 

What to Eat in Shigatse

Tibetan cuisine are peculiar, these are some must-try recipes as this magical land offers the most authentic dishes to experience, though it may take sometime for you to get used to the local cuisine but it will be a lifetime experience.

1. Buttered Tea

It is a specific kind of beverage for Tibetans. It is the choice of drink of the resident people and is popular among local Tibetans. The buttered tea's typical flavor is unique and is significantly different from Chinese teas. It has a typical salty taste and preparation method. It is one of the foods in day to day life.

2. Zanba

Zanba is a staple diet of Tibetans. You may find it easily in a restaurant.

3. Blood Sausage

It is a very popular cuisine in Tibet. Each time when sheep is butchered, cooking of blood of the sheep is not preferred but to convert it into the blood sausage is the method, which tastes delicious and is tender in texture to eat.

4. Acid Turnip Beef

It is highly popular among the people of Tibet and famous among visitors too. It is an ancient cuisine and had appeared since early times. The flavor of this dish is refreshing, soft and crispy.

5. Stewed Ribs

It's a kind of most common cuisine in Tibet, the ribs of yak are stewed in carrots.

6. Lucky Head

Local old people believe the Sheep Head is lucky. In the western region of Tibet is it is believed that, one must eat it in order to get lucky and to celebrate the New Year as per them its consumption brings luck.

7. Chebureki

It is a fried dish, in which the meat is deeply fried and minced then cooked with good amount of onions.

8. Cheser Mog

It is a preparation of rice, whose authentic recipe is prepared with melted butter made from yak meat, for sweetness brown sugar is used, little salt and then its mixed and garnished with some raisins.

9. Chexo

It is a preparation of rice. Cooked rice and yogurt are the main ingredients of this dish.

10. Drokpa Katsu

It is a traditional dish of stewed tripe which contains curry with funnel, little salt and monosodium glutamate.

11. Gundain

It is a variety of a Tibetan pastry which is made and served during special occasions. This pastry is made up of barley as the basic ingredient, in its preparation firstly the barley is mixed with some activated yeast and water then made to ferment into barley beer later tsampa, dry curd, wild ginseng and some yak cheese are used as the main ingredients, and some brown sugar is also added for taste. This pastry is often served during Tibetan New Year and Losar festival as a starter.

12. Gyabrag

It looks like pancake. For its preparation certain ingredients which are being used are barley flour, butter and cheese made from the yak milk, freshly prepared yoghourt and sugar is added to attain its sweet taste.

13. Gyaho

This Tibetan recipe is prepared using Chinese style of preparation method. To prepare this kombu certain ingredients are used predominantly like a hot pot of vermicelli, meat balls, mushrooms and also the sprouted bamboos. This dish is of higher significance and is eaten by dignified monks during special occasions and ceremonies.

14. Gyatog

The preparation method of this involves the Han variety of cooking. This is a noodle dish. The noodles are basically made with the eggs, flour and bone soup.

Where to Eat in Shigatse

1. Songtsen restaurant

Songtsen restaurant is located on the Shigatse pedestrian street which is next to Tashilhunpo monastery. It is a Tibetan owned and one of best restaurant in the town. It serves very good Tibetan and Nepalis dishes. It has a nice seating and beautiful Tibetan furniture that make it totally Tibetan looks.

2. Wuerduo Kitchen吾尔朵厨房

Address: No.10, Zhade West Road, Samzhubze District, Shigatse日喀则市桑珠孜区扎德西路10号
Tel: 0892-8909992

3. Yi Qing Ge Restaurant伊清阁餐厅

Address: Shanghai Road, Samzhubze District, Shigatse日喀则市桑珠孜区上海路
Tel: 0892-8996052

4. Zhuo Suo Qie Ma Restaurant卓所切玛餐厅

Address: No.12, Zhufeng West Road, Samzhubze District, Shigatse日喀则市桑珠孜区珠峰西路12号

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