Shigatse Culture

Shigatse boasts abundant tourist resources in Tibet, including splendid Tibetan monasteries, magnificent snow mountains, stunning lakes, unique ethnic culture and the like. Tingri County in Shigatse has the world's highest peak-Mount Everest. There is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, Yamdrok Lake. Samzhubze Palace and Gyantse Fortress were once the center of church and state. There are also a number of famous monasteries such as Tashilhunpo temple, Pelkor Chode Monastery, Sayka Temple and so on.

Ethnic Groups

Shigatse covers an area of nearly 182,000 square kilometers with a population of about 845,300 in 2017. There are more than 10 ethnic groups in Shigatse, including Tibetan, Han, Hui, Mongol, Tu, Man, Miao, Zhuang and the like, of which Tibetan is the main ethnic group, accounting for more than 90% of the total population.

Traditional Ethnic Village

Renqingding Village(仁青顶村) in Ngamring County, Shigatse

Monasteries in Shigatse

Temples are the main manifestation of Tibetan Buddhist culture, there are many monasteries in Shigatse, here below are part of them. 

Counties and Districts Monasteries
Samzhubze District Tashilhunpo Monastery, Baqin Hao MonasteryNgor MonasteryEngong MonasteryPasuo MonasteryShalu Monastery 
Tingri County Rongbuk MonasteryGedan Zhuopeilin MonasteryLabuqi MonasteryXegar Qude Monastery
Gyangze County Pelkor Chode Monastery, Zangzha Monastery
Xaitongmoin County Rijia MonasteryZhaxijipei MonasteryChazang MonasteryWujianguru MonasteryTudanlangjia MonasterySeguochamu MonasteryChagazhuode Monastery
Gyirong County Paba MonasteryQiangdui Monastery
Ngamring County Lvlong MonasteryZhasang MonasteryWeishalin Monastery, Tonglin MonasterySamzhu Gandan MonasteryBangyu MonasteryRiwuqi Monastery
Namling County Zidong Qude Monastery, Sendu MonasteryDana MonasteryBajin MonasteryGandan Quguolin MonasteryGedeng Qukuolin TempleSewu MonasteryYungdrung Ling Monastery
Dinggye County Langpu MonasteryQunguo MonasteryZhaxi Qunpei MonasteryGongbaqiang Monastery
Saga County Dajiling MonasteryKuyu MonasteryBuzha MonasteryTuqing MonasteryNugong Monastery,  Saijuba Monastery
Rinbung County Qiangqin TempleShalu Monastery
Zhongba County Seqing MonasterySangdan Qiangjiu MonasteryZhachang Gongba MonasteryDare Monastery
Gamba County Naijiaqiemu Cave TempleQudiannima Temple
Sa'gya County Gangqin Monastery, Sakya Monastery, Natang Monastery
Nyalam County Panjielin Temple
Lhatse County Zeng MonasteryQulong Qiangzi MonasteryPingcuolin MonasteryJuenang MonasteryQude MonasteryPhuntsoling Monastery
Bainang County Changmeijian MonasterySere Zhude MonasteryDangqin MonasteryCangzhuolin Monastery
Kangmar County Nanni Qudesi Monastery
Yadong County Donggasi MonasteryGeju MonasteryZhensang Monastery

Ethnic Festivals

Various Tibetan festivals are celebrated in different ways in Shigatse. It is suggested to visit Shigatse during the festivals and enjoy the lively scenes with the local Tibetan people if time is sufficient. Festival is the best way to experience the diverse culture and tradition of the local and their ethnic affinity. There are festivals in Shigatse including Tibetan New Year, Lingka Festival, Tashilhunpo Festival and Gyantse Damar Festival, etc.