Shangri-la Festivals and Events

As the main minority inhabited in Shangri-La, Tibetans created brilliant culture and customs, among which the unique traditional festivals of  Tibetans enjoy high reputation and attract tourists home and abroad to visit.

1. Horse Racing Festival in Shangri-La 

In Shangri-La, horse racing is a popular sport for Tibetans. Meanwhile, it is the most important tradition event, mostly holding in May of Chinese lunar calendar and lasting for 3 days. During the festival, many Tibetans will come to Shangri-La to attend the festival. The most attractive activity would be horsemanship performance and racing competition. 

2. Dengba Festival in Shangri-La 

Dengba Festival is a famous festival in Shangri-La and other Tibetan farming areas. Tibetans will wear their unique ethnic clothing to celebrate the festival, also express the worship to the Mountain God. It is a way to avoid misfortune, pray for good harvest, happiness and safety for family by attending the Buddhist ritual.

3. Gedong Festival in Shangri-La 

In Shangri-La, Gedong Festival is sacred and solemn event, which is held in Songzanlin monastery in the late of December in Losar. It will last 4 days, which is from 26th to 29th December in Losar. The festival is known that all Gods of Buddhism will come to earth to celebrate the festival with their believers. During the festival, people will wear all kinds of masks, such as, tiger, pig, crow, dog, yak, monkey, beer and horse

4. Songs and Dances

Two forms of entertainment, songs and dances, are very significant to the lives of the Tibetans and even the other minorities in the region. This is how they express their gratitude, say their prayers, or tell their stories. Remember, as primarily Buddhists, they participate in chanting sutras in monasteries. Thus, in Diqing, the celebration of folk music and dance does not end at dusk. Instead, it continues all the way to the evening, even late at night.

5. Visiting Local Families

Didn’t we mention that the Tibetans are generous and open people? Indeed, they are, and they are welcome you into their homes. All you need to do is to drop by and ask if they are willing to accept visitors. Actually, these people have already prepared some food for you, which you can pay for a very small amount. Some of the dishes you can eat are the typical Tibetan cuisines, such as, tsamba, mutton soup, and baked lamb.

6. Bars and Clubs

It is quite rare to come across bars and clubs that play techno or other modern music in Shangri-La. They prefer a more laid-back approach to a night life, so they spend most of their time drinking specially brewed beers and wines. If you find yourself hungry at night, want to eat the locals, or see their club scene. These are good places for you, such as, Soyala Tibetan Diner and Bar, Tantra Restobar, Raven Café.

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