Shangri-la Climate


Shangri-La is about 3,300 meters above sea level and has a plateau humid climate. The climate alters little between the four seasons, but the temperature varies a lot between day and night. The temperature can soar above 30 Celsius on sunny days; however, during the morning and at night, people may feel a winter-like chill. So, when tourists visit Shangri-La, they should bring overcoats with them.

Average Climate/Month













High (ºF)

46 48 55 66 75 81 90 90 81 72 63 52

Low (ºF)

34 36 41 52 61 68 77 77 70 59 48 36


39 41 48 57 66 73 82 82 75 64 54 43

Best Time to Visit

May to June: Through the end of spring and early summer, it is the most beautiful time of Shangri-La because of the full bloom of rhododendron (but the bloom time may delay along with the change of weather). In the middle of June, there are wild flowers in blossom, such as irises.

July to August: All kinds of wild flowers bloom. However, it is at a time of rainy season.

September to October: Rich colors of autumn beauty are suitable to photography.

November: The month of first snow with single color and cold weather.

December: Tourists can appreciate black-necked crane and snowy scenery.

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