Chuxiong Tours

Chuxiong is the brief form of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Situated in the heartland of Kunming, west of Kunming, it boasts ancient history and eye-dazzling ethnic culture. It is the place where Asian’s most ancient Lufeng Ape and Yuanmou man were spotted, which date back to eight million to three million years ago respectively. It’s also a spot which dinosaur fossil were discovered and there is a dinosaur museum in Lufeng, Chuxiong. If you want a culture tour, don’t miss Langjing Historical and Culture Village and Yiren Ancient Town. Yuanmou Soil Forest is also splendid and regarded as one of the well-known cradle of humanity and a treasure house of fossils of ancient living beings. Anyway, the attractions in Chuxiong is far more than these, and our tour packages of Chuxiong is diverse based on tourists’ preference.