Chongqing Garden Expo Park

Why is Chongqing Garden Expo Park so Special?

The main architectural style of the park is classical style and traditional style. According to the functional division, the park is divided into four parts: entrance area, scenic area, exhibition area and ecological area, including 10 exhibition areas, 127 exhibition areas and 26 scenic spots. In May 2014, Chongqing Garden Expo Park was officially approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national AAAA scenic spot. In December 2016, it was named the top ten popular scenic spots in Chongqing in 2016.

Park layout

Entrance area: mainly includes the main entrance, the east entrance and the west entrance.

Landscape Park: A scenic slope between the flat land exhibition park and the ecological area on the top of the mountain, with good visual enjoyment and good view.

Exhibition Park: According to the land use requirements of the planning and design, make full use of the relatively flat area in the park to arrange urban exhibition parks, including 10 exhibition parks such as northern gardens, southern gardens, etc., bringing together 127 exhibition parks including gardens of different schools in China and exotic international gardens.

Ecological area: the area set up to maintain the overall excellent mountain ecological environment of the park is not only the green background of all gardens in the park, but also the natural treasure house to maintain the diversity of animals and plants.

Image of scenic spot

Mascot Shanwa takes “bud” as the prototype, portraying a naughty, confident and naive seed image. She is playful, confident and full of beautiful expectations for the future of the city. She shows the image of the mountain city and the strong, independent and indomitable tenacity of Chongqing people. She also shows Chongqing people’s warm welcome to guests at home and abroad and their confidence and determination to run the Expo well, implying that the city is full of vitality and vigor because of gardens.

Main attraction

North Garden Exhibition Area

With an area of 44,900 ㎡, there are 15 exhibition parks. Closely linked to the essence of the artistic conception of northern gardens represented by royal gardens.

Anyang garden

With Chinese characters (mainly oracle bone inscriptions) as the theme, it shows the development process and cultural connotation of Chinese character culture and highlights the natural and human characteristics of Anyang city.

Guilin garden

Centering on the theme of “coexistence of landscape and culture”, the sunken stage integrating Guilin’s landscape, history and culture is the main scene to display Guilin’s charming natural scenery and strong historical and cultural connotation.

Nanchong garden

Han and Tang style architecture and a variety of plants constitute the garden landscape, showing the people’s livelihood in northeast Sichuan, highlighting the culture of the three kingdoms and the folk culture characteristics of Nanchong’s districts and counties.

Travel information

  • Address

No.1 Longjing Road, Yubei District, Chongqing

  • Ticket price

16 yuan/person, 10 yuan/person over 60 years old, elderly over 70 years old, children under 1.20 meters tall, etc. are exempted from tickets.

Admission fees for student groups are halved.

All citizens who go to the Expo Park on their birthday can enter the park free of charge as long as they present valid certificates. At the same time, they can enjoy birthday package services, including free boat trips to the lake and other projects. In addition, residents who eat in the park at night after 6 o’clock will also be exempted from tickets and parking fees.

How to get there

Take Rail Transit Line 3 to get off at the Garden Expo Station and walk about 200 meters, or take Rail Transit Line 5 to get off at the Garden Expo Center Station and walk about 100 meters.

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