China Escort Agency in Pingyao

Why is China Escort Agency so Special?

Darts were the main form of darts before the birth of escort agencies, which was basically consistent with the emergence and development of commerce. People say that business is inseparable from the dart, and the dart is inseparable from business. The escort is purely a private act. Restricted by region and prestige, the bodyguard lives in a horse and carriage shop and is employed by people with excellent martial arts. Security officials, businessmen or goods are transported from place A to place B. The fastest way to travel is more than 80 miles a day. With the gradual development of commerce, the power of escort agencies has gradually grown. Horse and carriage shops have opened. The combination of escort agencies and horse and carriage shops is the prerequisite for the emergence of escort agencies. With the gradual development of commerce and registration, escort agencies were born.

Where is China Escort Agency?

The Chinese Escort Agency is located at No.61, Nandajie, Pingyao Ancient City. It is the former site of the Escort Agency in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties.

Main Attraction of China Escort Agency

The First Escort Agency in North China introduced the life stories of three outstanding figures in the bodyguard industry in North China in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, namely Wang Zhengqing, the second left hand with iron legs, Dai Erlu, a famous xingyi boxing expert, and the information of the escort agency where the three escort agencies were located. The escort agency has a training ground in its backyard, where modern martial arts lovers often practice and tourists often participate in activities. Therefore, it provides some materials and materials for studying the development history of the Chinese bodyguard industry and the development history of North China Xingyi Boxing, Changquan and other martial arts sects. At the same time, it is interspersed with some deeds of three Wulin people and their descendants, which has certain characteristics.

Escort Agency is a specialized organization that provides security for some businesses and individuals from a narrow point of view. In the history of China, it is similar to the nature of escort agencies. It can be said that it is a courier station. The earliest courier station can be traced back to Sui and Tang Dynasties. We know that the courier station at that time was dedicated to escorting some correspondence to and from the imperial court. From this, we can see that the limitations of the courier station are only limited to the imperial court, while there is no security mechanism for some commercial exchanges among the people. Therefore, in the early Qing Dynasty, with the rise of China’s financial industry, escort agencies gradually emerged. We know that Shanxi people do a lot of business abroad, which has laid a certain foundation for Shanxi people to set up escort agencies. The first escort agency in China is the “Xinglong Escort Agency” set up by Shanxi Renshenquan invincible Zhang Heiwu outside Shuntianfu Gate in Beijing, such as Tongxing Escort Agency set up by Wang Zhengqing in Pingyao County, Taifen Escort Agency set up by Dai Erlu in Qixian County, and Changlong Escort Agency set up by Wen Shui Zuo Er are all famous in history. It can be seen from here that Shanxi people set up the escort agency earliest and most in both time and quantity. The courier station we mentioned just now was specially designed to escort some correspondence to and from North Korea. This formed the earliest courier service. By the middle of the Qing Dynasty, with the rise of the financial industry (the emergence of the ticket number), the escort agency’s main business was to escort the silver escort for the ticket number, which formed two major escort agencies. Silver darts and ticket darts; By the end of the Qing Dynasty, with the gradual decline of the label, the main business object of the escort agency was transformed into some rich guests to escort some clothes, things, ornaments and personal safety. This formed three major darts, namely, grain darts, material darts and personal darts. This is the six major darts that the escort agency took, namely, letter darts, ticket darts, silver darts, grain darts, material darts and personal darts.

Best Time to Travel China Escort Agency

The best travel time in Shandong is usually from April to November.

Because Shandong is in a warm temperate monsoon climate, the whole province is warm and humid, and the water and heat conditions are better than those in inland areas at the same latitude. The specific characteristics are: dry and windy in spring, hot and rainy in summer, high and cool in autumn, and dry and cold in winter.

How to Get There

Located on the south street of the ancient city, it is within walking distance.

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