Big Banyan Tree in Yangshuo County, Guilin

Why is Big Banyan Tree So Special?

If you take the Lijiang River cruise from Mopan Dock or Zhuhe Dock, the first scenic spot you will encounter is a narrow gorge called Niuxia. It is located on the west bank of Lijiang River, about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from Guilin city. The adjacent peaks extend far away, many of which are like cattle. Therefore, this canyon is nicknamed Cow Canyon. Pass by Ox Gorge and you will see Wangfu Hill, whose name ‘Wangfu’ literally means looking into the distance and yeaning for one’s husband’s return. On the hilltop is a rock resembling a man in the ancient costume looking northward, whereas at the hillside is another rock in the shape of a woman gazing far for her husband, with a baby on her back. These two rocks form the attraction spot ‘Wangfu Rock’. On the east of the hill is Doumi Shoal. Doumi means a hod of rice (ho d is a wood grain container with a capacity of 18 pints). Following is a moving story about the history of the rock and the shoal.

Where is Big Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree is located on the west bank of the Jinbao River about 7.5 kilometers south of Yangshuo. It is said that it has a history of nearly 1400 years and survived several centuries of storms. The banyan tree is now 17 meters high, 7.1 meters around the trunk and covers an area of 1,000 square meters. As a major tourist attraction, the huge banyan tree is famous for its ancient and towering beauty.

Legend of the Big Banyan Tree

When Sanjie Liu threw an embroidered ball to A Niu, and pledged to marry without the permission of parents with A Niu was under this banyan tree. At first, Sanjie Liu was affectionate with A Niu but A Niu didn’t feel as the same. Sanjie Liu conveyed her feeling by dedicating folk songs, but A Niu still couldn’t understand, so Sanjie Liu asked A Niu to the banyan tree and threw an embroidered ball to A Niu. A Niu dared not go to pick up the ball, and then Sanjie Liu sent banyan tree told A Niu, so A Niu just picked up the ball and made an engagement with Sanjie Liu for lifetime.

Main Attraction of Big Banyan Tree

Yangshuo’s millennium banyan tree is located in the Lijiang River scenic area and is the best place to enjoy the rural scenery. 7.5km south of Chuanyan Village, Gaotian County, Yangshuo, an ancient banyan tree has a circular crown. Looking out, it is a huge green umbrella. Look closely at it, it is intertwined and its branches and leaves are luxuriant. This tree was planted in Jin Dynasty and has a history of more than 1500 years.

Beside the tree is the Jinlong River, which winds through Chuanyan Village. Tourists here have the opportunity to become ferries and experience independent rafting. This is actually very interesting. On the opposite side of the river, you will find a hill with holes, so the village is named Chuanyan, which means a hill that has been penetrated. Northeast of the tree is a popular rock climbing area. There are ten very developed climbing routes, the first of which was opened by American climber Todd Skinner.

Best Time to Travel Big Banyan Tree

The best travel time is April to October.

Guilin has a relatively low latitude. Belongs to the subtropical humid monsoon climate. Generally speaking, Guilin has a mild climate with distinct seasons and excellent climatic conditions. The annual average temperature is 19.3℃, which is said to be “less snow in three winters and flowers in four seasons”. When traveling to Guilin, the best season is from April to October each year, during which there will be two golden weeks of “may day” and “November”, which is also the peak period of tourism. Guilin with suitable climate will have many tourists, room reservation and transportation will also enter a climax, and the price will rise compared with usual. therefore, it is better to avoid this time and choose an off-season to travel and appreciate the beauty of the world.

How To Get  There

There are many ways to get to the Big Banyan Tree from Yangshuo County.

  •  The most popular way is to rent a bike or a motorbike. A bike costs about CNY10-20 per day and a motorbike may cost a bit more. A deposit of CNY 100 or CNY 200 is needed.
  •  Take a bus to Gaotian Town from Yangshuo County and get off at the scenic area.
  • Or you can drift along Yulong River to Gongnong Bridge, and then walk southwest for a few minutes.

Useful Travel Tips

Entrance Fee CNY 15;
CNY 10 for children between 1.2 and 1.4 meters (3.9 – 4.6 feet);
Free for children under 1.2m.
Opening Hours 8:00 – 17:30
Recommended Time for a Visit Half an hour

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