Beijing Lady’s Street

Tianze Lu(天泽路) which is commonly known as Lady’s street or Nu Ren Jie, is one of the newest additions to Beijing’s fashion scene.The Street is the first and largest clothing and garment retail market in Beijing with over 700 stalls to choose from.

What to Buy from Lady’s Street ?

The Street is stock with vast variety of women’s clothing, shoes, bags, costumes jewellery, jade, hat, cosmetics, electronics andother products of much quality and affordable price from China’s Guangdong pronvice, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.The street has a humid and fragrant flower market and a fish market.

Location: Ladies Street, Tianze Road, Chaoyang District, close to the Lufthansa business district

Business hours: 09:00am-07:00pm

How to Get There ?

By taking bus 659, 707,752 to Laitaihuahui(菜太花卉)


1. There are a lot of café, teahouses, Chinese (Sichuan, Canton, Hunan, Hangzhou, Xinjiang, etc), Japanese, Korean to African restaurants.

2. During the night you can visit any of the nightclubs along the Super Bar Street for drinks.

3. The best place for manicure and pedicure