Zhejiang Anji Longwangxi Country Golf Club

Anji Longwangxi Country Golf Club(恒励·安吉龙王溪乡村俱乐部) is located in Anji county(安吉县), Zhejiang province. Over the years, it has been praised as “the most beautiful course in Jiangnan”. In 2013, it ranked the 17th among the top 100 golf courses in China by magazine, Golf Masters.

Anji Longwangxi Country Golf Club is bordered by Longwangxi creek(龙王溪) in the south and Longwang Mountain(龙王山) in the north. Large-scale entertainment projects such as Banyan tree Resort(悦榕庄), Hello Kitty theme park and Club Med have settled around it. Anji Longwangxi Country Golf Club has planned 27 holes. Currently, the 18-hole international championship golf course has been completed and put into use. Anji is famous for bamboo and Anji Longwangxi Country Golf Club is the only bamboo-themed golf club in the world.

Longwangxi country golf club was built by a team of masters, planned by Ekistics and landscape designed by Atkins. Chief designer of the famous JMP Golf Design Group, Mark Hollinger, was in charge of the design. The length of the course is 7,164 yard and every fairway is challenging. In 2012, a senior manager from Augusta National Golf Club visited the golf course and gave a high evaluation: “Longwangxi Country Golf Club makes me feel at home. It has graduated from college if Chinese golf club is still in its infancy.”

Chinese Name:浙江安吉龙王溪乡村俱乐部 (27洞)
Chinese Address:浙江安吉环灵峰山休闲度假区
Translated By: Yang Jie/杨洁