Dalian North Shore Golf Club

Dalian Northshore Golf Club(大连长兴岛高尔夫俱乐部) is located in Dalian. Plan to see Dalian Northshore Golf Club and other attractions that appeal to you using our Dalian tour itinerary planner .

Dalian Northshore Golf Club is a tourism project invested 100 million yuan by Mr. Kato(加滕帮彦) from Japan. The club is situated on the western coastal area of Windmill Square in Changxing island, and this island is the fifth largest island in China and the largest island north of the Yangtze river. This club has 18-hole high standard course and the club house covers more than 2000 square meters

Dalian Northshore Golf Club designed by Japanese course designer Sugimoto Koji(杉本幸治) is located at Bohai Bay. The comprehensive layout of the golf course is unique and perfect in shape. The fairways, ponds, sand pits and hills are endowed by nature with varied shapes, fully demonstrating the style of Link golf course.

About Changxing Island

Changxing Island is a more than 40-minute drive from downtown Dalian, there is a particularly long coastline, it is worth mentioning is a natural beach stretch dozens of kilometers, is a long natural scenic spot, but not for the majority of the well-known, in recent years into national development zones, transportation, accommodation, business, a variety of facilities have been complete, More and more people come here on vacation every year, because I work here, my family and relatives and friends will come to spend the holiday together every year, J save the expense and feel the fun, everyone together is very easy!

Chinese Name:大连长兴岛高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:大连瓦房店市长兴岛经济开发区
Translated by Zhang Lu/张璐