Wuyishan Scenery Golf Club

Wuyishan Scenery Golf Club(武夷山风景高尔夫俱乐部) lies in the Wuyishan National Tourist Resort that is encompassed by mountains and is adjacent to the scenic area of Wuyishan Mountain. Facing the Great King Peak with graceful landscape and extensive field of view in addition to natural foothills, the whole course is just like an art masterpiece extraordinary as if done by the spirits or just like nature itself. It is a golf course of international standard and is both decorative and challenging.

The hotel villa covering an area of 160,000 sq.meters and the golf course are mutual sceneries to each other. The villas include hotel apartments, private inns and enterprise clubhouse. They are built on the natural land and echo to the marvelous scenery of the mountains. The wonderful scenery of Wuyishan is just like a fresco serving as a foil to the villas. Whatever it is a villa or a garden house, their construction is integrated with the nature closely and further extended in the nature. With the history and the culture involved in, they become human-oriented residences which emphasize on the harmonious coexistence of human and the nature.

Only six minutes drive from Wuyishan Airport to the Golf Club and only five minutes drive from the Club to the scenic area of Wuyishan Mountain.

Designer  Young pioneer designer Mr. Hao Jianbiao 
Number of Holes  18 Length of Fairway  7200 
Area  2480 Par  72 

Chinese Name:福建武夷山风景高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese Address:武夷山国家旅游度假区内