Wanshou Palace in Fenghuang County of Xiangxi Prefecture

Wanshou Palace

The Phoenix’s Wanshou Palace is located near the east gate. It is surrounded by arches and carved beams. It used to be the Jiangxi Guild Hall. It seems that the original building is much larger than it is now. The halls are now beautiful.

Why is Wanshou Palace So Special

Wangshou Palace,also called Jiangxi Assembly Hall,was built during the 20th year of Qianlong, Qing Dynesty, covering 4000 square meters.It consists of the tri-gate,stage,main hall and Xiachang pavilion. The structured and unique style,attic stage, great pillar,etc,show the exquisite workmanship at that time.In 1999, it’s listed as state county units of cultural relics protection.Now the Wanshou Palace is the folk museum of Phoenix town:the first floor is folk customs hall and hundred years chamber of commerce hall;the second floor is the art gallery of Huang Yongyu.

Travel Guide Accommodation in Fenghuang

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Independent Travel

There are a lot of choices for accommodation in Fenghuang, from well-equipped hotels to economic hostels. If you only accept well-equipped hotels, you can find them around the ancient town scenic area, within walking distance to the ancient town. If you want to save money and stay inside the ancient town scenic area, you can book a hostel inside the ancient town. There are a lot of hostels inside which is operated by local residents.

Background of Fenghuang (Phoenix)County

Fenghuang, praised as “the Most Beautiful Town of China” by famous New Zealand writer Rewi Alley, is a small county renowned for its natural beauty, rich history and culture as well as colorful ethnic customs, located at south Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan province, China. Fenghuang means Phoenix in Chinese. Phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird in Chinese mythology representing good omen and longevity. Fenghuang town is given the name after Fenghuang Mountain which resembles Phoenix situated 50 miles away from it.

How to Get to Wanshou Palace

Although there is no airport or train station in Fenghuang County, it is quite convenient to go to Fenghuang from nearby cities like Changsha, Huaihua, Jishou, Tongren and Zhangjiajie. The nearest airport Fenghuang Airport in Tongren City is only 34km away from Fenghuang County and the nearest train station in Jishou City is only 50km away.

  • From Changsha Changshan West Bus Station(长沙汽车西站)or Changsha Zhuran Bus Station(长沙株潭汽车站). The schedule might change sometimes, you may check the bus schedule before you book ticket.
  • From Huaiyuan Take High-speed trainU. pon your arrival in Huaihua, you need to transfer to Huaihua West Bus Station to catch a coach to reach Fenghuang, which will take 1 hour only. And the coaches set off every 2 hours from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • From Zhangjiajie: Take coach at Zhangjiajie Bus Station(near Zhangjaijie Train Station) to get to Fenghuang directly. But there are only two or three coaches leaving for Fenghuang every day. So you have to make reservation as early as possible.
  • From Tongren: near to Tongren Train Station, there are direct coaches leaving for Fenghuang, which runs from 7:30am to 4:30pm daily and takes about 1 hour only.

    Note: all the buses/coaches from other places will arrive at the North Bus Station of Fenghuang New Town(凤凰新城北汽车站), which still takes about 5 minutes’ driving to get to the ancient town area. You may walk or take a local taxi to get there. 

Main Attractions in Xiangxi Prefecture

Nearby Attraction

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Edited by Lynette Fu/ 付云锐