Tropical fruit festival unveiled in Xishuangbanna

The First Tropical Fruit Festival of Xishuangbanna was held in Jinghong city, southern Yunnan province, between July 26 and 28.

Xishuangbanna, as one of a few places locating in the tropical area around China, is particularly abundant in fruits. The festival invited fruit growers from 8 different townships, 4 independent farms and a number of agricultural cooperatives to attend and bring their fresh and sweet tropical fruits to tourists.

Besides, various types of events and activities were carried out during the festival to show the special fruit culture of Xishuangbanna, including parade, fruit feast, games and cooking demonstrations. The fruit festival is one of many activities that Xishuangbannna has organized or plans to organize this summer. Others include one food festival and a real-life escape room game. 

Source: Xinhua                                                                                                           Update: August 6, 2019