Tongjiang Border Port in Heilongjiang

Tongjiang Border Port, located in Tongjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, serves as an essential gateway for cross-border trade and transportation between China and Russia. Situated along the Amur River, Tongjiang Border Port plays a crucial role in facilitating economic exchanges and fostering cooperation between the two countries.

As a key land port along the China-Russia border, Tongjiang Border Port is equipped with customs facilities and infrastructure to handle the processing of goods, vehicles, and passengers entering and exiting both nations. It serves as a vital link for trade, logistics, and tourism activities, promoting bilateral trade relations and regional integration.

Tongjiang Border Port provides comprehensive services for cross-border travelers, including customs clearance, immigration control, and quarantine procedures. It accommodates various modes of transportation, including road vehicles, railway trains, and river vessels, facilitating the smooth flow of goods and people between China and Russia.

The port’s strategic location and efficient operations contribute to the development of border regions, fostering economic growth, job creation, and infrastructure improvement in Tongjiang City and surrounding areas. Additionally, Tongjiang Border Port serves as a vital platform for cultural exchanges, tourism promotion, and international cooperation initiatives between China and Russia.