Tianlu Mountian in Xinxing County, Yunfu City

Tianlu Mountian

Xinxing Tianlushan Resort is located in picturesque surroundings. The forest stays green all year round and is particularly beautiful from March to May when the rhododendrons come into bloom. The resort offers a number of activities including hiking and rafting. There are also a number of wooden cottages and mountainside hot springs.

Introduction of Tianlu Mountian

As the highest mountain of south central Guangdong, Tianlu Mountain is a natural air anion bar where you can enjoy fresh air, beautiful scenery and various plum blossoms. Around Tianlu Mountain, there is a 1500-acre plum tree forest.

About Xinxing

Xinxing County, alternately romanized as Sunhing, is a county of the prefecture-level city of Yunfu in the west of Guangdong province, China. The area is known for its rich history and stunning scenery. Major attractions include the Pit of the Hidden Buddha (藏佛坑), a popular summer destination with unusual rock formations, streams and waterfalls. Other destinations include Shenxian Valley, Tianlu Mountain, Guo’en Temple, Baoning Pagoda and the luxury hot spring resort of Jinshuitai.

Attractions Nearby

  1. Guoen Temple: Located in Liuzu Town, Guoen Temple is the place where the Sixth Patriarch Huineng of Chinese Zen Buddhism was born and passed away. Guoen Temple, Guangxiao Temple in Guangzhou and Nanhua Temple in Shaoguan are collectively known as the Three Chambers of the Sixth Patriarch.
  2. Shenxian Canyon: Situated in Liucun Village in the southwest of Liuzu Town, Shenxian Canyon stretches for 4 KM. It’s a new eco-scenic spot with huge potential to be developed into a tourist area.
  3. Longshan HotspringLocated in the Sixth Patriarch’s Hometown Tourist Resort Area, Longshan Hotspring is a rare hydrosulfide hotspring. Gushing from the creeks of rock stratum, the hotspring water has a temperature of 72.8oC. Therapeutic to the human body, it is reputed as Water of Immortals. It can be best enjoyed via ZEN HOTSPRING RESORT and LONGSHAN HOTSPRING RESORT.
  4. Cangfo Pit: Cangfo Pit is in the east of Sitian Village, Liuzu Town, Xinxing County. The water plunges into the Incarnation Pool from the precipices. There is a cave where the Six Patriarch Huineng passed away next to the pool. With marvelous stones and picturesque hills and rills, Cangfo Pit is a great scenic spot.
  5. Longtan Temple: Situated at the foot of the mountain behind Guoen Temple, Longtan Temple is where the Six Patriarch Huineng and his mother Li lived, built from the Former House of the Six Patriarch.
  6. Foshou Ridge Scenic Spot: Located in Lezhu Town, Xinxing County, Foshou Ridge Scenic Spot boasts breathtaking views in tranquility. With mountains extending endless and no villages within the area, it’s a land of idyllic beauty. The deep valleys cut through the area and the peaks rise steeply. Three rivulets stretch for three kilometers along the valleys. Rare plunging waterfalls can also be found.
  7. Zhuyuan Nunnery: Also known as Zhuye Nunnery, Zhuyuan Nunnery is at the foot of Zhuyuan Mount, Saluo Jingkou Village, Liuzu Town. Built during Wanli’s reign of the Ming Dynasty, it’s about 300 years old. 

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐