Huguang Cliff National Scenic Spot in Zhanjiang City

Huguang Cliff National Scenic Spot

The Huguang Scenic Area of Zhanjiang District of Leiqiong Global Geopark is located 18 kilometers northeast of downtown Zhanjiang, Guangdong province. It covers a total area of 38 square kilometers. The Park is based on maar volcanic landforms and complemented with such geological relics such as coastal landforms and structural geological landforms.

Main Attractions of Huguang Cliff National Scenic Spot

Huguangyan Lake

One of the greatest attractions in the park is Huguangyan Lake, the only maar lake formed in a crater in China. With lush vegetation, the park has a high concentration of negative oxygen ions, and thus called “a natural oxygen bar.” While walking along the lake, you will feel very refreshed from the air. It’s worth mentioning that you can walk under the crater when you visit the geopark, a very rare experience that you may not miss.

Dragon fish turtle

The statue of dragon fish and tortoise in Dongmen Square is based on the legend of dragon fish and tortoise in Lake light rock. Since more than 60 students in the General Class of National Defense University first discovered the miracle of dragon fish more than 4 meters long and tortoise nearly 2 meters wide roaming the lake in the legend of Huguangyan on May 28, 1998, many tourists have witnessed the presence of big turtles and big fish in the lake. For this reason, the statue of dragon fish and tortoise was built in Dongmen Square of Huguangyan.

Leiqiong World Geopark Museum

Leiqiong World Geopark Museum is located about 100 meters west gate of Huguangyan Scenic Area. It is one of the important tourism facilities of Huguangyan. The exhibition hall has three floors with an exhibition area of about 2500 square meters. The first floor exhibition hall consists of the exhibition hall of Leizhou Peninsula volcano distribution sand table, Leiqiong World Geopark brief introduction, Leiqiong volcano knowledge, Leiqiong folk culture, Leiqiong ecological culture and world volcanic landscape; the second floor exhibition hall is divided into the film and television hall and the network exhibition hall of the World Geopark; and the third floor exhibition hall is the science and technology interactive area.

Clear wind forest

Qingfenglin was built in July 2007. It is a clean government education base built by the Central Discipline Commission, Guangdong Discipline Commission and Zhanjiang Discipline Commission. Qingfenglin mainly consists of Qingfenglin Square, Lianshi, Qingfengting Bamboo Forest, Lotus Pond and other main landscape.

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How to Get There

  • Take bus No. 9 next to Zhanjiang South Railway Station to Huguangyan East Gate Station.
  • Self-driving: navigate to Zhanjiang Huguangyan National Geopark.

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