Tianhe Pool Scenic Area in Guiyang

Tianhe Pool Scenic Area

Tianhe Pool Scenic Area was originally a large crypt, and the pool formed as water accumulated at the bottom. 23 kilometers away from the southwest suburb of Guiyang in Guizhou Province. There are over 20 calcified shoals provide more than 20 unique caves in series, which are the highlights of the scenic area with all views of rivers, caves, bridge holes, lakes, bold cliffs, narrow gorges, etc.

Why is Tianhe Pool Scenic Area So Special?

Tianhe Pool Scenic Area combines waterfalls, crystal springs, deep pools, stone bridges, unusual caves, and strange rock formations. It named after a deep pool of the same name, Tianhe Pool Scenic Area enjoys peaceful ambient and idyllic scenery with stone bridges, flowing water, farmhouses, and waterwheels. The scenic area is an outstanding tourist destination, full of beautiful natural scenery and cultural displays.

Main Attractions of Tianhe Pool Scenic Area

Water Cave

The Water Cave is 1,000 meters long, 80 meters across at its widest, and 20 meters across at its narrowest. Boats are available to visit the water cave. Outside, below the water cave, is Crouching Tiger Lake, where various farm equipments such as a water mill can be seen at a farmhouse.

Drought Cave

Drought Cave consists of three levels, and has a total length of 200 meters. Of the three levels, the third one is the most breathtaking. Here, a stone bridge spans two cliffs. This is the so-called Naihe Bridge, under which is a seemingly bottomless pool. Right by the exit of the Drought Cave is a Miao village.

How to get to Tianhe Pool Scenic Area

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Independent Traveler


Take bus No.211 or 701, and get off at the Tianhe Pool Scenic Area.

Useful Travel Tips

Entrance Fee 

RMB 10 for waterfalls;
RMB 43 for Water & Drought Caves;
RMB 52 for waterfalls + Water & Drought Caves + insurance;
RMB 80 for cable car;
RMB 15 for one-way sightseeing bus;
RMB 82 for waterfalls + Water & Drought Caves + insurance + one-way sightseeing bus;
Free for children under 1.2m.

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