The undiscernible roe head hat of Oroqen Ethnic Group

The Oroqen’s traditional way of living is “eating meat and sleeping on the fell”. During the long life of hunting, the Oroqen people showed their originality and created the special roe fell culture of their nationality. Their clothes from hat to shoes, their bedclothes and household goods are mainly made of roe fell. The roe fell is not only endurable but also has a good function of cold-proofing. The roe fell of different seasons can be used to make different kinds of clothes. For example, the roe fell of autumn and winter that is very thick and tough is suitable for winter dress, for it has long and dense hair and a good function of cold-proofing. The roe fell of summer that has short and sparse hair, is suitable for spring and summer dress.  

The Oroqen clothes are mainly gowns, including fur gown, fur jacket, fur trousers, chaparajos, fur shoes, fur socks, fur gloves, fur waistcoat, roe head hat and so on. Thereinto, the roe head hat is the most typical.

The roe head hat is made of the whole fur of roe head. The method is: denude the fell from the roe head and steam it. Veneer two pieces of black fur on the two holes of eyes. Cut off the two ears and sew up two artificial ears made of roe fell. Retain the roe horns. This kind of hat not only can keep warm and shelter from cold, but also is the perfect disguise of hunting. It is said if it is not for the two artificial ears, the hunters may take others for real roes and make accidental injury.